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March 14, 2019 2 min read

No experience can be as annoying and frustrating as having to end a happy afternoon barbecue at night with scratching and swatting. Mosquitoes are not only masters in transmitting diseases; they are also perfect at killing outdoor fun untimely. For this reason, there is a need to keep them as far away from oneself as possible when in the yard.

Repelling mosquitoes in the yard is not as easy as it is indoors because you have no way of limiting their incoming number as a result of the open space. That this is not easy doesn’t mean you have to keep slapping and scratching while you are chilling out in your yard. Below are a number of ways by which these bloodsucking pests can be given a good chase.

Don’t give them a home

Since mosquitoes breed in standing water, getting rid of their breeding spots, such as ditches, gutter, pet bowls and in abandoned containers, can go a long way in chasing them out of the vicinity because when they don’t find a landing area for their eggs in your yard over a period of time, they tend to go out and seek greener pastures for their existence

Using Short Lived Candles and Foggers

These pesky mosquitoes can be repelled with specially formulated mosquito-repelling candle or fogger. These candles are produced with citronella oil which is a turn off for mosquitoes. Foggers powered by aerosols and propane are also as effective as candles in repelling mosquitoes. You can place these candles and foggers around yourself when you are in the yard to ward off mosquitoes.

Cultivate Mosquito repelling Plants

Growing plants that repel mosquitoes can be understood as using a stone to kill two birds because for one thing, they beautify your yard and improve the aesthetics of your home decoration. Secondly, they help you keep mosquitoes as far away as possible while making your home a center of attraction to people.

A number of plants are considered mosquito repelling mainly due to the odor they produce which are not at all pleasant to a good number of bugs of which mosquitoes are included. These plants include: lemon eucalyptus, lavender, citronella, marigold and basil.

Maximize the Usefulness of that Camphor

Placing camphor tablets around the yard is a good way to ward of mosquitoes.

Engage in Chemical Warfare

If after employing the above methods, and those pests are bent on staying, then wage war against them using heavy artillery. Using a mosquito misting system in the yard helps to circulate insecticide around the yard. The service of a professional exterminator can be employed for the misting to chase these bugs out in as little time as possible.

For Technology Freaks, Go for The App

There now exist various apps that give out ultrasonic sounds that scare mosquitoes away, keeping them as far away from your phone (and you of course) as possible. These apps are available for both android and apple devices.

Mosquito Repellent for Yards