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March 19, 2019 2 min read

you know that mosquitoes do not really feed on your blood? Surprised? Bet you
are! Actually, the female mosquito needs certain proteins contained in our
blood to produce eggs. To locate her host, the female keeps track of the sweat
our body produces, the color or clothes we wear, the carbon dioxide we exhale,
the heat we generate and a host of other factors. So, as long as we continue to
live, mosquitoes will always attempt to feed on our blood and there is nothing
anyone can do about that. The best we can do is to seek protection from this
blood sucking critters.

of traps is a mosquito repelling tactics that has been around for quite a while
now. Mosquito traps are of different kinds but they all work in the same way –
attract mosquitoes and then finish them off. Let’s have a look at some traps
and how they work.

Traps that simulate exhalation

earlier mentioned, mosquitoes locate their host by tracking the carbon dioxide
they exhale. Mind you, it isn’t only humans that mosquitoes feed on – any animal
that has blood is a potential target. Since mosquitoes are attracted by exhaled
carbon dioxide, a simulated exhalation will sure attract them. To produce the
simulated exhalation, you can either use carbon dioxide cylinder or propane.

Traps that simulate human sweating

and lactic acid, the two major compounds contained in the human sweat are
attractants for mosquitoes. Synthetically produced Octenol when sprayed into
the air will gather mosquitoes in their numbers. Octenol not only attracts
mosquitoes but other insect pests like ticks and fleas. An alternative to
Octenol is the Lurex. Synthetically produced lactic acid is the major
ingredient contained in Lurex, and is best used on Asian Tiger mosquitoes.

using mosquito traps, you first need to determine where mosquitoes hand out
frequently. You will mostly find them in wet and dark areas – drainages,
gutters and grassy areas are typical examples.

Depending on mosquito traps alone is counter intuitive. You need to use this tactics in combination with other control tactics for it to work. There is no point using mosquito traps where there are several empty and untouched containers littered around your yard. You first need to eliminate their natural habitat before using traps.

How to use mosquito traps

traps only work when placed at the right spot. Here are things to consider
before deciding how best to use mosquito traps

  • Misquotes love it
    in dark places, so place the trap in such places
  • Keep the trap away
    from people. You wouldn’t want to make it easy for them to locate their target
  • Be consistent –
    using mosquito traps just once in a while won’t help in any way
  • Place the trap at
    upwind spots as doing so would ensure the emitted carbon dioxide travels far

summary, place traps where mosquitoes visit very frequently. Also, tweak and
change things regularly. It may take some time to find the best location for
placing mosquito traps.