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March 22, 2019 2 min read

Mosquito misting system has been around for quite a while now, only that a few people know about it. Mosquito misting system is more like an irrigation system designed to keep away insect pests like mosquitoes and fleas. During summer, the population of mosquitoes increase significantly, and the only way to stay safe during this period is by taking proactive measures to exterminate these critters. One of such control measure involves installing a misting system. A misting system works by spraying insecticides at spots where mosquitoes visit most frequently – underside of foliage, gutters and drains are typical examples. In so doing, an impenetrable barrier would be formed around the perimeter of your yard.

Benefits of using a misting system

Since mosquitoes do not sleep as we do, you need something capable of working round the clock, hence a misting system. Mosquito misting system offers lots of benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them

1. Makes your outdoor parties enjoyable

Mosquitoes can easily ruin your outdoor party without apologies. This is particularly true if you have a garden or if your home is amidst a thick vegetation. Bet you can’t stand the embarrassment of suddenly realizing that your party has been deserted by guests who couldn’t stand the pestering of mosquitoes. To avoid this from happening, you need something that will keep these annoying pests off without irritating your guests, hence a misting system.

2. It works automatically

One good thing about a misting system is that it needs very little human input. Set it up properly, and all you have to do is to refill the repellent spray. You can go to sleep knowing fully well your home is protected from mosquitoes, and enjoy a great party without worrying your guest would be disturbed.

3. Can serve as a cooling system

Aside keeping away irritating mosquitoes, a misting system can help lower temperatures around your yard. This feature is particularly useful during summer when temperatures are high, and you wish to have a great outdoor party.

How safe is this system?

As earlier said, a misting system makes use of spray repellent to stop mosquitoes dead in their track. The repellent is made using natural ingredients like garlic and citronella oil, both considered by health expert as being perfectly safe around humans and animals. So, we can with confidence say that mosquito misting system is perfectly safe.

Best time to install a misting system

Just like every other mosquito control method, the best time to install a misting system is before the start of mosquito breeding season usually in spring. That said, February or March should be the best time to commence installation.

In summary, you have to put in time and effort into maintaining your misting system to get the best out of it.