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March 29, 2019 2 min read

Over the past few decades, several innovative mosquito repelling and Eco-friendly devices have been released into the markets. From mosquito dunks to thermacell and now mosquito repellent bracelet, there seems to be no stopping to this trend. Mosquito repelling bracelets have been around for quite a while now but only few know about it. Talking about convenience, no other mosquito repelling device beats mosquito repelling bracelet. Aside being cheap, it is also easy to wield, and can be worn by just anybody. While it is true that some brands of wristbands are just craps, a good number of bracelet work pretty well.

Ingredients used in the making of mosquito repellent bracelet

The repelling power of this wristband comes from natural ingredients some of which you know of. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Lemongrass oil

As the name implies, this oil can be extracted from lemongrass by crushing and squeezing it. Lemongrass has lots of therapeutic properties and is also an excellent mosquito and tick repellent. The good thing about lemon grass is that it can be grown just about anywhere, and does well in unfriendly weather condition.

Citronella oil

Citronella tops the list of best natural mosquito repellent. It doubles as a food seasoning agent, adding deliciousness to our meals. Aside repelling bracelet, citronella oil is also used in the making of repelling spray and candles.

Geraniol Oil

Geraniol oil gives off a scent mosquitoes and bugs find repulsive, making it an excellent mosquito repellent that works any day any time.

Mosquito repelling bracelets that might interest you

Repelling bracelet is ideal when taking on outdoor activities like camping and hiking. Rather than covering yourself with repelling spray that smells awful sometimes, wear one of this wristbands and bid mosquitoes farewell.

That said, below is a list of best insect deterring wristbands that might interest you.

Evergreen wristbands

Evergreen wristband is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. According to the manufacturer, the wristband can provide protection for as long as 200 hours. So, the next time you go for your favorite outdoor activity, arm yourself with one. Evergreen wristband is safe around kids, thanks to the natural ingredients like citronella oil it contains. Another advantage it has is that it is waterproof and is completely free of DEET.

If you wish to purchase one, you can do so on Amazon

Moskitito bracelet

This bracelet will be your best bet if you are looking for something durable and effective, plus it is affordable. Like evergreen wristband, Moskitito is made using citronella oil. It is available on Amazon, so, you can always head over there whenever you need one.

Buzz off

Buzz off bracelet not chases away mosquitoes when worn, it gives the wearer an edgy look. No matter how big or small the size of your wrist is, buzz off will fit well on your hands. Gordon and Bond, the makers of the bracelet claim that their product can provide protection for up to 240 hours.