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April 03, 2019 2 min read

Mosquitoes have no regards for persons – they don’t give a damn if you are an adult or a baby. Babies due to their delicate skins suffer more allergic reactions than adults when bitten by blood sucking insects like mosquitoes. Now, if you have got a baby at home and live in area where mosquito infestation is prevalent, taking proactive steps to wade off these pesky insects is the best gift you can give to your baby.

Here are some control tactics and mosquito repellent for babies you can use today.

Protect your baby with mosquito nets

Mosquito proofing your baby’s crib will help stop the pesky critters dead in their track. For better protection, install window screen in your home. Also, when going on a picnic with your baby, do well to carry along a net.

Grow repelling plants in your yard

Certain flowers and plants create scents which repulse mosquitoes. Lavender and marigold are typical examples. As an alternative, place the plants in decorative vase and then place in your baby’s room.

Make your home inhabitable for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes need water to survive – wherever you find standing water you will find an ecosystem thriving with mosquitoes. To make your home inhabitable for mosquitoes, clear away every sighting of standing water including damp soil and foliage leaves.

Blow them away

Mosquitoes can only navigate through undisturbed air stream. Force strong air torrents on them and you will end up botching them away. The simplest way to create strong air torrents mosquitoes can’t stand is by using fans.

Use mosquito repellents

Repellents work great against mosquitoes. However, DEET repellents is completely out of it – of what use would it be hurting your baby’s health all in the name of keeping away mosquitoes. Your best bet here will be electronic zappers and ultrasonic repellents. It’s true a good number of zappers are pure waste but there are some that work real good. Do ensure the electronic repellents are placed beyond the reach of your baby to deter them from wanting to have a taste of it.

Use anti mosquito clothing

Mosquito repellent clothing work quite well for adults and for kids. Repellent clothing are nothing more than ordinary piece of clothing treated with repellents. Of the several repellents used for this purpose, permethrin is the most effective – it is colorless, odorless and causes no allergic reaction on the skin.

Avoid dressing your baby in dark colored clothing

Mosquitoes don’t like the sighting of light. This is the reason why they are most active at nights than in the daytime.

Use essential oil

Natural repellents will always trump synthetic repellents when it comes to keeping away mosquitoes. Essential oil is a 100% natural repellent derived from certain trees and plants like eucalyptus tree, catnip flower, basil grass, soybean, vanillin and a host of others. However, essential oil only works against a particular specie of mosquito so using it alone would be counter intuitive. For better result, use essential oil in combination with other repellent tactics.