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March 03, 2019 2 min read

Create a fence with a tight mesh fence

In fact, any mesh with meshes less than 2.5 cm wide can do the trick. Place it against tree trunks that surround the garden or a parcel of it or place it with stakes around flowerbeds or around the garden. You can use the following instructions to ensure that rabbits cannot dig under or jump over your fence

  • bury the barrier to a depth of 10 to 15 cm, even if not all species of rabbits dig the earth,
  • bend the base of the grill 90 degrees outward to make it more difficult to pass under the fence,
  • Leave at least 60 cm of wire above the ground or at least 90 cm if the fence is to repel hares.

Maintain the fence during the winter months

The fence will last longer if you put it under cover before the first frost. If you need to protect plants that hatch during the winter, beware of snowfall, as thick snow cover can help the rabbits get through the fence. Evacuate the snow around the fence or plan to mount a higher fence from the start.

Learn about local rules before making the decision to install traps.

Even traps that are not made to kill can hurt small mammals such as rabbits . In addition, given the diseases that rabbits carry in some areas, it may be illegal to manipulate and release wild species in the wild. Ask questions to professionals at a local veterinary office or agriculture to find out if you have the right to install traps on your property.

Choose a trap based on the species of rabbits to be caught

Most traps are totally ineffective against hares. To catch common rabbits, you will need a trap with a door having a height of about 20 cm. In front of the trap (for example, a collar with a stop to prevent strangulation), place a bait that can be a piece of cabbage, dried fruit or flowers.

  • Traps work best during the winter or early spring because food is scarcer in the wild.
  • If you need to reduce the rabbit population (legally), hunting is usually a much more effective way than deadly traps. Check with local hunting and trapping authorities to see if rabbits can be killed in your area.


Plastic coated wire mesh is safer than other types of wire mesh because it does not rust .

Homemade Rabbit Repellent

In general, scarecrows of all kinds do not scare rabbits. They can only protect a small area of ​​land and rabbits often get used to it over time.

Some gardeners plant clovers or alfalfa for rabbits with the hope that these plants will satisfy their appetite and will turn away from other less desirable plants. In general, this method does not work because it tends to attract more rabbits in the long run.