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February 26, 2019 2 min read

Mosquito foggers are devices used to disseminate insecticide into the air thereby killing mosquitoes and other insects that inhales the insecticides. Heat fog is formed as the insecticide is been sprayed. The fog is able to get to hidden parts of bushes and grasses making it possible to properly get rid of insects present in your surroundings. The mosquito foggers come in either manual or stationary form.

The manual form of this device uses electricity or propane and is known as the heat fogger or thermal fogger, they work the same way the stationary form does but thy can only generate drops to be sprinkled through the use of the propane form by chemical reaction or through the heat produced from electric current. It is advisable to use the heat fogger only when it is warm and more suitable for outdoor use as the high amount it generate can cause fire outbreak and the content of the fogger must be completely emptied. The heat fogger comes in two forms; gas and electric foggers. The gas thermal fogger is used more often than other types of fogger and makes use of propane hence it can sometimes be called propane fogger. This type of fogger is a lot more portable unlike other types. Electric thermal fogger runs on electricity thus it is limited to small area because it needs to be constantly powered. To solve the problem of electricity some electric foggers come with rechargeable batteries but they are more expensive than the regular fogger.

The stationary fogger on the other hand is referred to as cold fogger and is strictly dependent on electricity to function. With the use of grid feeder chemical fluid can be transformed into droplets with the use of strong ventilator. This type of fogger is used majorly for outdoor purposes unlike the thermal fogger and is not restricted to a confined area. The cold fogger is easier to handle than the thermal fogger but the thermal fogger are more affordable when compared to the cold or stationary fogger.

When safety is put into consideration the cold fogger is safer to use than thermal fogger which run at high temperature and can cause fire outburst if not properly handled it can also cause damage to the skin when they come in direct contact. Various types of insecticides are used to fill the fogger for the purpose of repelling mosquitoes including the larvae and egg form in order to keep your environment mosquito free.

When the need to apply mosquito foggers arise, search for likely places where they can be found such as stagnant waters, dark and humid places, gutters, vegetation and other possible places. The essence of this move is so as to not waste the content of the fogger. Appropriate insecticide must be used and the fog should be applied directly to the affected area. There are major four types of insecticides used in the mosquito fogger device and they include: Anvil, Malathion, Scourge and Permethrin.