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January 24, 2018 3 min read

Natural Rabbit Deterrent for Garden

Rabbits when left uncontrolled can wreck great damage to a garden or landscape. There are several ways of keeping them out, but if you wish to do so without hurting them, natural deterrents would be your best bet. Talking about natural repellents, there are lots of them out there. The commonest are deterrents made of garlic, eggs, hot sauce, pepper etc.

Natural deterrents keep rabbits away from your garden by producing offensive smells rabbits detest. Some others have repulsive taste and use a nice scent to attract the rabbit. Just like everything else, each of these repellents have their limitations, and it is left for you to decide which will work best.

Rabbit MACE is a proven and effective rabbit repellent. This product is an alternative to traditional products on the market that just don’t work. Rabbit MACE really works!

Natural rabbit deterrent

You don’t really need to spend money on commercial repellents. With a little bit of work, you can prepare some of these deterrents right from the comfort of your home.

Garlic based repellent

Rabbits scuttle at the smell of garlic, and will forever stay away from a garden implanted with the smell of garlic. To prepare, get some bubs of garlic and grind them to powder and then measure out half a cup. You can add a little ground chili pepper, but adding this is a matter of personal choice – garlic works pretty well when used alone.

Next is to add a little water and stir until a watery paste is formed. Add more water until the mixture flows. At this point, the garlic mixture is ready to be applied in your garden. You can either use a sprayer to apply the mixture or manually sprinkle it around the plants in your garden. Do bear in mind that the garlic mixture isn’t to be applied to vegetables and other edible plant, else, it would completely ruin the taste of the vegetable.

Chili pepper-based repellent

This one is quite simple to prepare and use. Get some chili pepper, grind them until they form a fine powder, and then sprinkle them at the base of your garden plants. Rabbits hate the scent chili pepper and will scamper once they smell it.

Egg, garlic and mint-based repellent

Garlic when used alone can effectively keep away rabbits. When mixed with egg and mint, it becomes a killer combo –rabbits will forever stay away from your garden.

Other natural methods of keeping away rabbits

Rabbits are repulsed by certain types of plants. Typical of them include aconitum, foxgloves, catnip plants, digitalis and lavender. Planting some of these plants would work, though this will depend on the rabbit population.

Commercial natural deterrents can be used in place of plant repellents. Quality commercial deterrents are biodegradable, rain resistant and harmless, so the safety of your pets is guaranteed.


Natural Rabbit Deterrent for Garden

No matter the deterrent you chose to use, frequently reapplication is very important, because they do get washed up by the rain. Protect your hands by wearing gloves when applying some of the deterrents mentioned here like chili pepper. Ultimately, Rabbit MACE is by far the most effective all-natural rabbit repellent available. Many professional applicators use this product for effectively repelling rabbits and or rabbit control.