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March 06, 2018 3 min read

Rabbit deterrents

Though adorable and cute in appearance, rabbits are nowhere close to being adorable in the conduct. Given the opportunity, they would level out your farm, garden and landscape, and so you need effective deterrents to keep them away. The problem with rabbits is that they don’t live in isolation – whenever you see one, 99% of the times, there are dozens of them hanging around. Until you take swift action against these bunnies, you might wake one morning to discover your beautiful garden or landscape is no more.

Keeping rabbits of your garden

Rabbits are heavy eaters, and so need a large amount of food to sustain their heavy appetite. To keep them away, you will need some good deterrents. However, deterrents have limitations, and so may not be so effective in completely keeping away rabbits. For better results, deterrents should be used in combination with other control methods. Also, it is important that the deterrents be applied as often as possible. Below are some of the commonly used deterrents you might as well consider.

  1. Natural deterrents

Rabbits are allergic to certain natural elements and will dread any garden laden with them. Some of the commonly used natural deterrents include; human hair, manure, cayenne pepper, dog hair and lots more. Also, vinegar mixed with water and hot sauce also work – but you will have to apply them frequently because they easily get washed up by weather elements.

  1. Scent deterrents

Rabbits depend on their sense of smell to locate food. They also use it to know foods that are palatable and those that are not. So, to keep them off your garden, you will have to plant scents they naturally hate. Rabbits scurry away at the smell of onions or sulfur and will only come back once the smell has faded. Frequent application is key here.

  1. Fertilizers

Certain types of fertilizers can be conveniently used in keeping away rabbits. The most effective of them are those that contain blood or bone meal because rabbits naturally hate the smell of blood. The good thing about these fertilizers is that they nurture your garden and keep away rabbits at the same time.

  1. Commercial deterrents

You can always pick up readymade deterrent from a local store. Some commercial deterrents contain lethal elements which not only hurts the rabbits but also your plants. Ammonium soaps is the commonest type of commercial deterrent. Do note that this type of commercial deterrent easily gets washed off and may require frequent reapplication so make sure to. It is important to choose a repellent like Rabbit MACE that utilizes a sticking agent ensuring that the product does not wash off.

Rabbit deterrents

  1. Bitrex solution

Bitrex solution is pretty effective, and they work best in gardens and landscapes with flowers and ornamental shrubs. However, it shouldn’t be used in gardens containing vegetable plants as the smell of the bitrex would severely affect the veggies.


If it were to be just one rabbit, you might as well leave it to roam freely in your garden. The problem with rabbits is they just don’t come alone, they bring along a whole community. You are better off keeping them away through the use of a good rabbit deterrent like Rabbit MACE manufactured by Nature’s MACE Animal Repellents.