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June 24, 2022 3 min read

What is the best way to keep mosquitoes away naturally?

The best way to keep these peskey away is a combination of mosquito-repelling scents, physical deterrents, and good landscaping practices. Mosquitoes are pesky little bugs that can transmit awful diseases through their itchy and painful bites. Hence, it’s important to eliminate mosquitoes from your home and outdoor spaces. If you are wondering about the best way to keep mosquitoes away naturally, then you will be interested in the techniques and mosquito repelling substances outlined below. Skeeter MACE. 

1.Cultivate mosquito-repelling plants

Consider adding plants that can repel mosquitoes to the perimeters of your property. Fortunately, many of these plants are sweet-smelling and will equally transform the ambiance of your outdoors. They include catnip, citrosum, marigold, citronella grass, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, basil, lemon balm, and sage.

2.Citronella touches

Citronella is a powerful substance that has been proven to be effective against mosquitoes. So, you can install tiki torches fueled with citronella around your outdoors during the summer to eliminate mosquitoes. Typically, tiki torches are gorgeously decorative devices for your patio and outdoors. When paired with citronella they can beautify and protect your home from those awful bugs.

3.Use fans outdoors

An oscillating pedestal fan can be used to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoors. These fans make it harder for mosquitoes to fly. They also disperse carbon dioxide emitted by humans making you less attractive to mosquitoes.

4.Take charge of your outdoors with good landscaping practices

Ensure to cut back grasses, brush, and tree limbs regularly as mosquitoes often love invading cooler spots in the shade. You should also ensure that tall grasses or limbs don’t cast shadows on your yard making your home less appealing to mosquitoes. Allow more sun to dry wet spots. If your lawn has uneven divots and terrain that would normally form standing water, fill up with topsoil and plant grass seed.

5.Eliminate standing water

Mosquitoes love standing water and often use them as their breeding spots. So, you should eliminate standing water from outside your home. Empty outdoor water toys, and remove any outdoor gear that can catch water. Keep your drain lines and gutters clear of debris and treat your pool regularly. Do bear in mind that mosquito eggs laid in water mature into nymphs in just four days. Hence, you must be swift about getting rid of standing water.

6.Invest in an outdoor mosquito repellent spray

What is the best way to keep mosquitoes away naturally?

In addition to plants, it’s also important to invest in an anti-mosquito spray that will keep those bugs off your property. The best way to keep mosquitoes away using an outdoor spray is to select one that won’t harm people or your environment. Nature’s MACE Mosquito Repellent is a powerful non-toxic bug repellent that works wonders around the outside of your home. It helps create a smart odor barrier that would make mosquitoes uncomfortable so that they avoid your home entirely. You will love that it works against mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, and lots more. Skeeter Mace also works instantly and provides long-lasting protection. Just apply to your outdoors and mosquitoes are gone for good.

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