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August 14, 2018 2 min read

Mosquitoes, particularly the females are aggressive biters, and will never hesitate to draw blood from your skin whenever they are availed of the opportunity. Mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of sweat or the carbon dioxide we exhale.

There are several ways of repelling mosquitoes – use of repelling spray is one of them. Mosquito spray is of two types; synthetic spray like DEET and repellents made of natural ingredient. While DEET based repellents work pretty well on mosquitoes, they pose threat to not only our health but the environment as well. So, if you want to keep mosquitoes away without hurting yourself, you would have to settle for natural repellent spray. They are easy to make and there ingredients is relatively abundant.

If you’re ready, let’s roll – here are some homemade mosquito spray you can try your hands on right now.

  • Lavender oil

Lavender has for ages now been used for treating fungal infection especially on the skin. The oil contained in lavender isn’t only used for therapeutic purposes, it is an effective mosquito repellent.

To prepare, get some lavender leaves, crush to extract the oil, then empty in a clean container with a spray nozzle.

  • Thyme oil

No other natural based spray repels mosquitoes as thyme oil. In fact, burning the leaves of this plant and then allowing the scent to circulate your home will help keep away mosquitoes. To prepare mosquito spray using thyme oil, mix thyme oil with water in 5:2 ratio, and then store in a spray bottle.

  • Lemon Eucalyptus oil

The oil of lemon eucalyptus flower is an excellent mosquito repellent with long lasting effect. It is one of natural repellent recommended by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). It takes about 20 minutes to prepare mosquito spray using eucalyptus oil. To prepare, mix the oil with witch hazel in 1:10 ratio. You can either apply the spray directly on the skin or have it sprayed. Keep away from children and pets.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has lots of therapeutic properties. It is actively used in the pharmaceutical industry in making drugs used for the treatment of fungal and bacterial infection. Also, it contain essential oil which not only repels mosquitoes but flies and fleas.

  • Soybean oil

Thought soybean is only used for making beverages? Well, turns out it is an excellent repellent that works all day and all time. Combine it with lemongrass oil and you would have a powerful repellent strong enough to keep mosquitoes away for good.

  • Cinnamon oil

If you are having troubles with the Asian tiger mosquito, cinnamon oil is here to the rescue. To prepare, add a teaspoon of cinnamon oil to 16 ounces of water. The diluted solution can either be applied directly to the skin or sprayed in your home.

Homemade mosquito repellent spray

So, there you have it; 6 natural mosquito spray repellents you can prepare yourself at home. But if you leave in areas where mosquito are heavy, you are better off using a spray like Skeeter MACE.