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August 07, 2018 2 min read

Common Types of Deer Repellent

Controlling deer in your garden and landscape requires a well-designed plan that can be done without pain. With urban areas edging outwards from towns, deer, like other wild animals, are losing their natural habitats. The new development of housing is taking all of its survival resources, leaving deer to crawl into our garden in search of food. Start by selecting plants that are resistant to deer. The implementation of two or more of the measures listed here will help keep the deer out of your home.

In many rural and urban areas, deer repellent is something you should use if you want to nurture your garden. As with the use of pesticides in your garden, these methods are designed to control deer and other potential wild animals so as not to destroy your garden. However, these methods are considered humane because they are not intended to hurt animals but divert them. Let’s look at some of the common types of deer repellent you can use.

Electronic Deer Garden Repellent

There are several types of electronic repellent for deer. Some of them create a small shock to the animal, but it’s actually nothing more than to being shocked by electricity to them. They are more effective when positioned near the perimeter of the garden. Once the deer are aware that you have this repellent in your garden, it will prevent them from returning to that vicinity. Other electronic methods use water jets detected by motion.

Perimeter protection

The second kind of deer repellent is the fencing. Many gardeners prefer this method because it definitely prevents the deer from coming into their garden. However, there are several factors that you should consider before taking this option. First of all, you have to consider the height of the fence, because deer can jump very high. 8-10 feet is a reasonable height. The next factor you should take into account is the cost. Are you planning to keep this garden for years? If not, you should try deer repellent spray.

Deer Repellent Sprays

Many gardeners like to use repellent sprays to keep deer and other animals out of the garden. This kind of deer garden repellent does two things: detouring the smell and taste senses of the deer. You will have to check the ingredients of the repellent as well as the methods and frequency of application. This is very important, so as to know if you will have to re-apply the repellent after each rainfall.

Common Types of Deer Repellent

The recommended deer repellent spray is Deer and Rabbit MACE. The Deer and Rabbit MACE last for months and won’t be washed away by the rain. It works to quickly repel animals from landscapes, gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees, vines, bushes, etc. They are also safe for your plants and curious kids. All you need do is carefully read the instructions and disperse the exact amount regularly, as shown, to prevent the deer from coming to your neighborhood forever. What are you waiting for? Purchase the Deer and Rabbit MACE here, and you’d be glad you did.