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June 15, 2022 3 min read

You might consider using a deer repellent for flowers if you have deer rampaging over your garden, lawn, or patio.

The ambiguous statement that – a hungry deer eats almost anything – can hardly be believed by you, until you see deer in action in your flower garden. The sight can be traumatic to watch. All the time you spent nurturing and caring for your flowers would just be ruined. Click Here for product information…

Deer loves tender young plants, but won’t mind having a bite of any plant they come across, including your beautiful flowers. These voracious eaters can cut down everything in their path, pillaging until it’s all gone. Bet you would not like to see deer devour your flowers. That is why you should use the strategies we have outlined below to protect your flowers from deer damage.

1.Grow plants that deer dislike

There are plants that deer don’t like, so you can exclusively select only such plants or flowers to be planted in your garden. But, if you insist on planting flowers that might be appealing to deer in your garden, then you can plant those deer-resistant plants around the borders of your garden to repel deer from your beautiful flowers.

You might be wondering why some plants are tagged deer-resistant plants? They are called that because deer do not like them. These deer-resistant plants can be fuzzy, grassy, pungently fragrant, toxic, prickly, or even fibrous. Some examples of such plants are peonies, bee balm, daffodils, sea hollies, elephant ears, hyssop, bleeding hearts, yarrow, and many others. Therefore, planting these plants around your flower garden can serve as deer repellent for flowers.

Also, remember that a hungry deer eats almost anything. So, deer-resistant plants might not give your flowers maximum coverage if hungry deer come across them.

2.Install appropriate fences

Fences are good to keep animals, deer inclusive, out of your flower garden. But, one thing you should also know, is that not all fences are appropriate to repel deer from your flowers. Since deer are resilient and can jump, the appropriate fence that will repel deer from your flowers has to be at least 8 feet tall. Besides, it must be well installed inside the ground to avoid deer digging and passing under it.

So, when setting up or installing fences, make sure you go for fences that are deer repellent for flowers. Here are the fences which are deer repellent for flowers:

  • Electric fences – An electric fence would release electric shocks to deer whenever they come close, (although, not all towns/states permit electric fences).
  • Individual flower covers – You can use chicken wire or box wire to fence each of your flowers individually, to repel deer from them.
  • Stockade fences – deer can’t see through an 8-foot stockade fence. Besides, deer would not jump over a fence, unless they see where they will land.
  • Double fence layers – Deer hate enclosed spaces which is why a double layered fence is the most effective. Usually, this fencing type should be up to 4 or 5 feet tall.

3.Commercial deer repellent spray

Commercial deer repellent sprays are one of the most efficient ways to repel deer from your flowers. But the trick is that you must know how to use this deer repellent for flowers effectively. We recommend following the steps below:

  • Apply your deer spray around the borders of your flower garden
  • Pay special attention to the most vulnerable flowers you have by amping the concentration of spray in those areas.
  • It’s important to spray your deer repellent spray as early as possible in the planting season or when you first find sightings of deer. Applying early enough will stop deer from establishing your property as a food source.
  • Re-apply regularly, especially after watering your flowers or a heavy downpour.

Overall, always choose an easy-to-use, safe, and eco-friendly deer repellent for flowers. Nature’s Mace deer and rabbit repellent is a unique formula that checks all the boxes. With Nature’s Mace, you can create an impressive odor barrier that makes deer so uncomfortable that they will stop returning.

How to use deer repellent for flowers

Nature’s Mace deer and rabbit repellent is also fast-acting and will offer up to 30 days of protection before requiring re-application. You will also love that you can use this repellent without exposing yourself to any harmful toxins. Choose Nature’s Mace deer and rabbit repellent and say goodbye to your deer troubles.

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