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November 16, 2017 3 min read

Repel Feral Cat from Flower Gardens

Repel Feral Cat from Flower GardenFlowers are beautiful and there importance cannot be over emphasized. Apart from the aesthetic view it adds to the surrounding it can also be used as a form of expressing ones love for the other. Therefore, it is the desire of every flower garden owner to grow and maintain healthy flowers free of pest and diseases. Feral cats on the other hand which are cats born in the wild and have no form training can stand as an opposing factor towards achieving the goal of growing healthy flowers. These cats while in search of food and shelter could stray into ones flower garden and turn it into their safe abode. Constant feeding off flowers and passing out their metabolic waste product could cause great harm to flowers and its surrounding as well. In order to keep these cats at arm’s length away from the flower garden certain repellent or repelling techniques can be applied for this purpose.

Before selecting which repellent or technique to use it is quite necessary to run a study on the nature or habit of the cat troubling your flower garden. This is to help you identify which one of them will work best. Different cats have different ability and level of intelligence; sometimes an effective method for one cat might not be so effective for the other.

Amongst the very effective ways of keeping feral cats away from flower garden is through the fencing method. Erect a fence around your flower garden with little or no space in between to prevent the cat from squeezing itself through. The fence must be high enough just in case the cat tries to jump over. With a fence around your flower garden no extra effort is required to keep them away, however erecting a fence can be quite expensive and it is considered to be a major undertaking.

Ultrasonic cat repeller is just about another effective repellent that helps protect your flower garden from the invasion of feral cats. Cats generally do not like noise and the have stronger sense of hearing than humans. This device works by producing ultrasonic sounds which is picked up by the cat when close by. The disturbing nature of such sound to the cat will discourage it from wandering into your garden as long as the device stays functional.

Nature mace repellent can also serve the purpose of repelling feral cats away from flower gardens. The principle of this repellent is the combination of ingredients made from natural organic products which irritates the sense of smell and taste of the wandering cat or instills fear in them all together. Some of the repellents are made from the waste product of cat’s predator such as the dung of lions or urine of stronger animals. Perceiving the odor warns them of the danger of a predator nearby and they quickly walk away. All your need to do is spray the repellent around your flower garden and the rest will be taken care of. For a longer lasting effect, the repellent should be applied at regular interval.

Combination of different repellent is another effective method however, the best of them all is the use of nature mace repellent as it repels the cat and adds nutrient to the soil.