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November 21, 2017 3 min read

Repel Feral Cat from Gardens

Feral cats are cats born by stray cats; they do not interact with humans and are quite aggressive. The aggressive nature of the cats is due to fact that they are not exposed to humans. Having feral cats in one’s garden can be quite an issue to deal with and if left unattended to they can wreak havoc to the garden they invade. However, there are various ways through which they can be kept away from the garden and discouraged from returning. There is the choice of either making use of repellents or home-made products.

Before selecting the preferred method or approach toward repelling these cats from the garden it is important to identify the specific activity they involve in whenever they come around doing this will make it a lot easier to know what method or repellent to make use of.

One of the best repellent that is effective for repelling feral cat is the Nature Mace Repellent.Nature MACE repellent is considered to be the best because it is made from natural ingredient such as eggs, blood meal, peppermint, cinnamon and more. This works by giving the cat the impression that a carcass is lying somewhere within when it perceives the offensive smell of the repellent. In order not to be the next victim it will quietly walk away.

Erecting a fence can be just another suitable way of keeping feral cats away from the garden and prevent them from causing any damage. Considering the fact that cats can jump a certain amount of heights, high fences should be erected around the garden to protect it against these cats.

Using of liquid repellent can help reduce or prevent to invasion of one’s garden by feral cats. Spray the repellent on the surrounding of the garden or any other desired place that should be protected. It is most preferable using the ones made of peppermint as they cause irritation to the cat’s sense of smell and taste.

Certain electronic devices can as well be used to prevent feral cat from invading a garden. Because cats don’t particularly like water, spraying them with water can deter them from the protected area. The use of Motion activated sprinklercan help achieve this purpose. This device should be placed at strategic points around the garden; the presence of the cat will trigger spraying of water which will in return scare the cat away from your garden. Continues use of the device will make the cat associate your garden with water and sooner or later it will learn to stay clear and not go anywhere close.

Another suitable form of repellent that can work perfectly at keeping feral cats away from the garden is any repellent made of real lion dungs. Silent roar cat repellent is one of such. It is a kind of fertilizer that has been dipped in a lion’s dung. This repellent serves two purposes; fertilizes the soil and repels cats. Although lions and cats are in the same family but lions are the most feared land creature. Perceiving the smell of such repellent in the protected area causes the nearby cat to believe that a bigger cat is within the perimeter hence is stays clear to avoid being a prey.