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November 24, 2017 2 min read

Repel feral cats from flower garden

Aside the problem of terminating bird stock and other animal stocks, feral cats cause quite a good number of other problems when they get used to visiting a particular location – be it a garden, yard or even your home. Feral cats can turn your carefully cultivated flower garden into an open cat box and ruin your beautiful flowers; your garden sheds can also become a breeding ground for them. It is therefore important to execute certain steps to discourage and keep these creatures from your flower garden.

To begin with, flower gardens should not be cultivated in the part of your house where cats can have a field day without being sighted over a long period of time. This is because if they are not chased away or disturbed when they visit your flower gardens, they become really comfortable and may decide to move in completely.

Cats hate being wet and would instantly get away from wet places, therefore, using motion activated sprinklers is a sure bet in repelling cats from your flower garden. Motion activated sprinklers use infra-red rays to make out the presence of a cat in the area where it is used, and shoots a violent burst of water on such cat. Though the water might not hit the cat but the force with which it comes out tends to introduce fright and the cat learns to keep off from that area.

Certain plants such as lavender, rue, penny royal, rosemary and scaredy cat plant give of scents that are very much repulsive to cats. These plants can be cultivated around and in between your flowers to keep cats from making a mess of your beauties. Some other shrubs and plants with sharp thorns can be used to compliment the scent-repelling action of the above plants. These include the hawthorn, Bramble, berberis and Pyrancantha plant. Good news is these plants can survive in dry areas loved by cats and so would allow cats no space at all in your garden.

You can place wires and digging restrictions around your beds to keep feral cats from digging up your flowers and flower beds because they love to dig. These barriers can be rolled out on the edges of the flower garden or cut in pieces and placed in planters. They leave no exposed soil around your flower bed so that feral cats don’t get room for damage.

Repel feral cats from flower garden

Employing the use of Nature’s Cat MACE in repelling feral cats from your garden is the best thing you could do for your pretty flowers. You don’t have to worry about odors because Cat MACE possesses s fresh minty scent you would definitely love. It is produced with the most-aggressive and all natural ingredients that would send Tom cat right out of your garden after only a few applications. Cat MACE can be used during all seasons of the year and is made with a sticky agent that makes it rain-resistant. The most amazing feature of Nature’s Cat MACE cat repellent is that it is Eco-friendly and would pose no form of threat to you, your plants and your environment.