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November 14, 2017 2 min read

Repel Feral Cats from Cars

Repel Feral Cats from CarsUnlike stray cats; feral cats where born in the wild and are not social, these cats have no sort of training since they belong to no one. Having them around in the neighborhood can be quite a lot to deal with. They are overly hostile, dirty and carriers of several diseases. They tend to fight with house cats and institute a nuisance wherever they are found. Because cats enjoy being on high platforms, jumping on cars is one of the most common things feral cats do and a moving car is a lot more preferable; their love for warm engines. Keeping feral cats away from a car can be quite a challenge since they lack any form of training and cannot be easily controlled.

However there are ways or products suitable for addressing such issue. Nature mace repellent is off course the best type of repellent for handling such problem. This repellent contains ingredients of natural products strong enough to keep these unwanted cats far away from your property. Spraying the nature mace repellent around the car to be protected prevents the cat from coming anywhere close due to the irritation it causes to them.

Another way of preventing the activities of feral cats from your car would be to have dogs around. Dogs are natural enemies to cats. It requires great training to breed a dogs and a cat under the same roof. Hence the sight of dogs will automatically repel those wild cats and stop them from doing your car any harm.

Among other ways of protecting your property particularly the car is through the use of citrus or spraying of water. Cats naturally do not like water or any fruit of the citrus family. Citrus-scented air freshener should be hanged on the car mirror. Cats have a great sense of smell and will pick up the scent from afar. It can also be kept anywhere around the car. The scent from the air freshener of natural fruit will work as a cat repellent leaving your vehicle safe. As mentioned earlier, cats do not like water, spray water on the cat whenever you find it on your car. This might not be a very effective method of repelling the cat but at least it can help to an extent.

Raising a fence and parking the car within the fenced area is just another way of stopping these feral cats from turning your car into their bed and a comfort zone. Since cats are high jumpers, raising high fences above their average jump height can go a long way in keeping your car free from feral cats. It is also important to add strings to the erected fence so as to prevent the intruding cat from passing in between the fence and coming straight for the car.

In addition, tying an aluminum pan on a stake somewhere around and allowing it to make soft noises is just another method that can be applied to ward off feral cats from your property all together.

However, nature mace repellent is just about the best form repellent for warding off these cats and any other unwanted animal from cars and properties at large.