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November 13, 2017 2 min read

Repel Stray Cats from Car

Repel Stray Cats from CarsCats are beautiful set of creatures worth keeping as pets well alright. However, when they go astray, they end up becoming a nuisance for those living in the neighborhood they invade. Car owners, for instance, have had to deal stray cat problems. If you own a car, chances are you have a point found cats sitting right atop the roof of your car. Or perhaps you have seen a full family of cats nesting just beneath your car.

Well, there is nothing really to be worried about when with cats resting atop or beneath your car. What you have to be worried about is the pop and scratch they leave on your car. And, except proactive steps are taken, a troublesome stray cat won’t budge.

That said, here are some deterrent techniques that are effective enough to keep stray cats away from a car.

  1. Use scare strategy

Cats fear a lot of things. One of such things they fear is the presence of a dog. Not that they fear the dog would eat them, just that making enmity with the canine is what they try to avoid at all cost. Use this weakness of theirs against them by having a dog watch over your car.

A small, timid dog won’t do the job. The troublesome cat(s) won’t feel bothered invading the territory of a dog that matches its size. The police dog has to be big and bold enough to make an impression. So, have, say, a bull dog keep guard of your car.

Another animal that make cats quiver to their boots is the snake. Yes, cats are frightened by a snake or anything that looks like it. In place of a real live snake – which you can’t use of course – use a rubber toy snake. You can either place it atop the roof of your car, on the bonnet or just at a place where it will be easily seen by the intrusive critter.

  1. Use natural Repellents

Scents from certain plants are strong enough to repel cats. One of such plants is cayenne pepper. The hot peppery scent from this plant is so strong that it creates a stinging sensation on the eyes and nose of the intrusive critter. However, cayenne pepper could prove fatal on the cat, so use it with care.

A more tolerable solution is citrus. Cats simply don’t like the smell of citrus. You can either have peels of citrus littered around your car or have citrus scented air freshener placed atop the dashboard of the car. Don’t worry, their nose is strong enough to pick up the scent of the air freshener.

  1. Use a car cover

If you can afford it, and diligent enough to use it appropriately, go for a car cover. A cover will at least keep the car safe from pops and scratches.

  1. Use Commercial repellents

Commercial repellent is the last bus stop to dealing with stray cat problems. If you have so tried hard to repel stray cats from your car with little result, try Cat Mace by Nature Mace. Made with harmless material, Cat Mace can lasts long enough without needing frequent reapplication. It’s the best in the market.