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May 04, 2016 3 min read

In this article we will be discussing how to use a deer repellent to protect your garden. There is no any other greater beauty in the whole world than to see breathtakingly beautiful scenes that the nature has to offer. All of us love and enjoy watching cute deer roam around, most especially the kids. But this enjoyment of watching them can turn into frustration once your garden was destroyed by them. Just thinking of the time, energy and money that you have invested in landscaping the garden around your house and your efforts in planting various vegetation and trees go to waste is one of the most nerve-wrecking situations that you can find yourself into. In order for you to avoid such disaster, you can use a deer repellent to shoo the deer away and keep your garden fully protected all the time.

Deer are one of the most amazing and graceful animals that we have and are fun to see in the yard at first, and we think that don’t have the capacity to damage our plants. It can really be such a big surprise to see your trees scraped, the flower beds are trampled and the garden is no longer what it was the last time you saw it at its natural state. Most people don’t know that deer love to eat trees, flowers and plants and your garden is very much appealing to them. There are several ways that you can do to scare them away such as building a new deer fence and planting deer-resistant plants but now that we are already in a highly modern world, there is a much easier solution than them and that is using deer repellent products.

These products that are used in plants to deter a deer have two kinds. The area repellents are used to protect a certain area while the contact repellents are used to protect whatever you spray them on. The first one works because of its foul and nasty odor and the deer feel uncomfortable with it because they have a very sensitive sense of smell. The contact repellent, on the other hand, work with the animal’s sense of taste because it has a very bitter flavor that makes the plant inedible for animals like the deer. Most of the commercial deer repellent out there in the market last for a few months and can’t be washed away by water or rain.

Use a Deer Repellent to Protect Your Garden

There is no need for you to worry also that your curious kids will be poisoned with this solution or your plants will be damaged because it is 100% safe. Aside from the said benefits of this product, it is also very much cost-effective which only means that you will be able to protect your garden and keep it beautiful all the time without having the need to spend a big lump sum of money. A deer repellent will not only be very helpful in keeping the deer away from your garden but it will also save you and your family without you actually knowing it. A deer contains ticks that carry bacteria that are very harmful and can affect our central nervous system and as well as the dogs. It is just like hitting two birds with one stone, right?