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April 26, 2016 2 min read


In this article we will discuss mechanical deer deterrents. Deer deterrent is referred to something that stops or restrains deer from acting through their normal behavior. The term deterrent is generally defined as an ability or strength to defend a territory or strike back enough to dissuade opponent from attacking. But usually, when we mention about deer deterrents people often envision a hideous ten foot fence that surrounds a great attractive landscape or garden. Those physical fences are indeed type of deterrents yet because of innovation and increasing need for such tool, mechanical deer deterrents are created. This type of deterrents currently represents a huge portion of deer deterrent products.

Mechanical deer deterrent is a device that repels animals through causing stimulus on their senses including sense of hearing, sight, and/or touch. Generally, mechanical deer deterrents products are categorized depending on the senses triggered. Among of those categories are the following:

  1. Motion/Sound-Based Deterrents

A loud shuddering sound that comes from a certain device is effective the first few instances that deer tries to invade your territory. But this is only effective on a tolerable number or deer population. This deterrents may include deer chaser, scarecrow sprinkles, and ultra-protect ultrasonic animal repellant. The latter tend to create ultrasonic sounds that scare animals and keep them out of the place. Other kind also produces sounds that are threatening for animals.

  1. Sight-Based deterrents

As the name implies, this deterrent tends to stops or deter a deer through trigging their sense of sight. This usually works through trickery. Basically, this needs to be placed outdoor or the end point of your place to serve as a threat for animals trying to trespass. Once they have seen this, they will usually reroute and will tend to avoid the place. Among this sight-based deterrents are flashing lights and tangle foot repelled ribbon. Flashing lights can be a general category. Lots of products might be included here. The principle is pretty simple, the animals are usually startled by the onslaught of flashing bright lights and so will change direction. Some of this products are operated by motion sensor. Tangle foot repeller ribbon, on the other hand, uses holographic image to direct sunlight reflections to create random patterns across the yard.

  1. Touch-Based Deterrents

This works through causing physical irritation or pain to the deer. It do irritate the deer through generating an electric shock once the animal get in touch with the device but those are usually harmless. The electric shock is just enough to keep the animal away from your yard. For example, a wireless fence emits a sweet smell that attracts deer but creates an electric shock.

Mechanical deer deterrents tend to be much more effective and safe compared to the usual deterrents including hard and bulky fences. Unlike the traditional deer deterrents which are often tough to implement and even poses physical danger to animals, mechanical products are specifically designed to impose threatening signals to the animals without harming them physically. You can now keep your yard free from destructive animals without hurting anyone.