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July 26, 2018 2 min read

Crop Production Deer Repellent

Deer are great devours and eat almost anything that grows from the ground except certain grasses. Their tendencies to eat more increases during summer, late spring and fall, therefore more crops are exposed to greater risk of damage in these periods. Any form of damage made to crops meant for production not only creates an eyesore, but also damages profit. While gardens and back yard plant grooming are easier to manage against deer, larger farming operations are not because deer tend to have a vast list of option when it comes to what to eat and quantity to consume.

Commercial farms and large garden plots suffer deer attacks on a yearly basis but larger agricultural operations such as large scale crop production have added difficulty in determining deer attacks and stop them.

  1. If permissible, crop rotation should be adopted in large scale farming to make feed uneasy for deer. The rotation should involve crops detested by deer. Growing plants that repel deer around the ones they love can function as a form of protection for your crops. Examples of plants that repel deer include peppermint, cloves, garlic, etc.
  2. Erecting an impediment between your farm and Bambi is the most effective long-term method to keep them away from your crops. If feasible, the fence should be erected in such a way that deer cannot see your crops through them. That way, deer might not see the need to jump over the fence into your farm since they are not sure of getting a lovely meal on the other side.

Since it is not considered cost effective to put up a really high fence, it is imperative to introduce barriers and challenges in fences of cost effective and feasible heights. These barriers include slanting the top of the fence at a suitable angle away from the crops; and constructing double fences about four or five foots away from each other so that deer get trapped in between the fences when they attempt to jump over them.

  1. To save yourself the stress and cost of erecting a fence; and if your production does not permit crop rotation i.e if your production involves only one or two crops, simply opt for NATURE’S DEER MACE. DEER MACE is a commercial deer repellent that comes in liquid and granular forms. Produced with four times the active ingredients in other commercial repellents, DEER MACE provides powerful technology specifically designed to keep deer from browsing and feeding on your crops. DEER MACE possesses a fresh mint scent which is an important combination in the powerful formula that incorporates fear, scent and taste based technology.

The scent given off to keep deer away is very much pleasant to humans and pets but very offensive to deer. It is made with Eco-friendly ingredients that pose no form of threat to you, your plants and pets.

Crop Production Deer Repellent

Although not with a 100% guarantee, NATURE’S DEER MACE can function as fertilizer to aid the healthy growth of your crops. So if you are tired of having deer damage your crops and cutting down your profit, go on and order your own NATURE’S DEER MACE and have them shipped to your as soon as possible!