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August 17, 2018 2 min read

While rabbits are cute and cuddly, they still can be quite a menace.

Rabbits can be the worst enemy to your plants and vegetation.

The good news is that keeping them out of your garden is safe and easy and I am going to show you how.

First, fencing your garden; wire fences are inexpensive but any rabbit proof fencing you install will need to be in the ground by at least six inches, so the rabbits will not dig underneath to get through.

Fences should be three feet high so the rabbits will not hop over.

Next, a two-door trap will safely capture any rabbit who ventures into the garden.

You can bait the trap with lettuce or other green leafy produce.

If (inaudible) rabbits need to be trapped and removed, consider working with a licensed professional who will dispose of the animals in a legal and humane manner.

In addition, you can sprinkle blood meal around the perimeter of your garden.

Rabbits tend to avoid the smell and should bypass your garden.

It is just that easy to solve your Gardens rabbit problem giving you time to enjoy life.

There are several products for you to choose from of all natural, harmless and environmentally pleasant rabbit repellents such as Rabbit MACE

If furry forest critters are treating your landscapes and garden like it is an all you can eat buffet, it might be time for Rabbit Mace Animal Repellent!

When used as directed, it is safe for people, pets, and plants but it will make those small herbivores hightail it faster than your six-cylinder muscle car! The stuff really works!

Just adjust your sprayer to the desired spray pattern then lightly spray flowers and plant leaves until they are fully covered.

Uh oh, buckaroo, take it easy! You do not want to overspray!

Just give it time to dry and it starts working immediately, lasting for up to 30 days!

Moreover, our no-stink formula uses essential oils to make sure that it drives away animals, but not the neighbors.

However, when you need to build a large perimeter around your garden, try the Rabbit Mace Repellent Granules!

Catch and Repel Rabbits in Your Yard

Just sprinkle an even amount directly to the soil around the bottom of the plants and they will be less appetizing than a canned meat and limburger sandwich!