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August 21, 2018 3 min read

How to get rid of mosquitoes

Over the years, mosquitoes have not only being a nuisance in man’s habitation but also a cause for health concerns. Not only are their presence and bites disturbances, they are also economically important for the deadly diseases they transmit.

There are however a good number of ways to get rid of these insects. They are listed in the following points

  1. Prevent them from breeding: This has proven to be the best approach in controlling the mosquito population. Since mosquitoes are known to lay their eggs in stagnant water bodies, eliminating these water bodies goes a long way in preventing their multiplication.

Swimming pools as well as decorative water features should be kept fresh or flowing regularly so that the mosquitoes are not able to lay their eggs in them. Birdbaths, pet bowls and other water storing facilities should be kept closed or have the water in them changed regularly.

Grasses should be mowed and shrubs trimmed regularly so that they don’t accumulate water from dew and give mosquitoes a breeding ground.

Gutters, drains and pipes should be kept clean and covered if permissible so that mosquitoes don’t form habitats in them.

  1. Cut their life cycle short: Mosquito eggs that have been laid can be gotten rid of and prevented from developing into adult mosquitos by treating these water bodies with the proper chemicals. Grasses, shrubs and tree parts should be sprayed with larvicides. Because fish ponds cannot be changed as frequent as to hinder mosquitoes from laying eggs in them, fishes that feed on mosquito larvae should be bred in the ponds. Sprinkling coffee grounds in places where eggs have been laid is also effective because the grounds push mosquito larvae to surface of the water where they might not have sufficient oxygen supply and they die.
  2. Use mosquito repellent to stop mature mosquitos: Certain things repel mosquitoes and keep them away from our habitations. Burning a citronella candle or some essential oils give out smoke that kills mosquitoes. Other active repellents include camphor balls, garlic extract, lemon eucalyptus, holy basil, citronella oil, mint, lavender oil, tea tree oil, rosemary, clove oil and mustard oil. Some of these repellents are sprinkled or sprayed around the habitation while a few of them can be applied on the body. For optimum protection use all natural product such as Skeeter MACE.
  3. Trap and kill them: mosquito traps and insecticides, though temporary, are quite effective in catching and killing mosquitoes. The other side to mosquito traps and insecticide is that they can trap and kill other insects including the useful ones such as bees.

Mosquito traps can be bought from the market; and a mixture of brown sugar syrup and yeast can be used as a homemade mosquito trap. Mosquito misting systems and air curtains, though sophisticated and expensive, are highly effective in drastically reducing the mosquito population in your environs.

  1. Protect yourself: Where the above steps cannot be achieved completely, it is important to protect one from these insects. Closing every hole and opening in windows, walls and doors is another effective step in getting rid of mosquitoes. Wearing loose clothes that cover the entire body and the use of mosquito repellent creams are also effective against mosquitoes.

It is also important to sleep under treated nets to avoid attacks from mosquitoes. Ensure the net has no allowance for mosquito entrance before going to bed.

How to get rid of mosquitoes