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September 07, 2022 3 min read

Choosing the best mosquito repellent for the outdoors might be your concern, especially if you want to enjoy your outdoor space. In reality, mosquitos often make it difficult to stay outdoors because of their annoying bites and the possibility of transmitting diseases such as Zika, West Nile, and dengue. The right mosquito repellent can help you regain control of your outdoors, including your gardens, patio, and backyard. These devices work through scent, providing a robust odor barrier that makes mosquitos so uncomfortable that they will seek refuge elsewhere. However, there are dozens of outdoor mosquito products, including candles, coils, incense sticks, repellent sprays, granules, lanterns, and misting systems. These products often vary according to their effectiveness, longevity, and application style. Product Review…

Here, we talk about some lesser-known facts governing how you choose the best mosquito repellent for outdoors.

Repellent formulations

The best natural repellent formulations contain plant-based oils like eucalyptus, cinnamon, cedar, lemon balm, lemongrass, and sesame. Plant-based repellents are often ideal when choosing the best mosquito repellent outdoors that would keep the environment safe.

In contrast, chemical mosquito repellents contain synthetic variants of these plant-based extracts. So you may find substances such as DEET, permethrin, and picaridin in chemical mosquito repellents.

Carriage size

Before you choose your ideal repellent, you need to consider how much you can get from a single purchase. Some products are perfect for camping or protecting tiny spaces. Others are much better for large areas such as your porch, garden, or yard because they pack enough for numerous applications in a single purchase.


How far do you want to use your mosquito repellent? Mosquito repellent candles and coils may only cover a limited range. The same drawback is witnessed with mosquito lanterns and mosquito misting systems. Hence, the reason they are better for smaller sections of your home. If you wish to protect areas like gardens, sheds, crawlspaces, and basements from mosquitoes, mosquito repellent sprays and granules are much better.

Repellent application

There are tons of ways mosquito repellents are packaged. You can find repellent sticks, candles, lanterns, and insect-misting systems. Candles and lanterns combine scent and smoke to create an uncomfortable atmosphere for mosquitoes. In contrast, misters work by creating a fog of the repellent liquid to stop mosquitoes from coming close. Shields look like lanterns and have disposable cartridges. They also form barriers against mosquitoes. However, regarding affordability and convenience, repellent sprays and granules often stand out. These sprays and granules can cover large areas and are easy to apply.


All repellents offer some level of discomfort. At the same time, you must always choose repellents that will not harm you or your pets. Knowing what to expect is crucial so you can pick your poison ideally. Most mosquito repellent sprays offer minimal discomfort, often in the form of their pungent aroma. This is the unique advantage of mosquito repellent sprays compared to mosquito-repelling candles. Candles give off smoke that may be irritating to many of us. Fire incidents are also always risky, especially in dry, humid conditions. Misting systems create fogs that may be uncomfortable to you because of the lack of visibility.

Invest in an easy-to-use mosquito repellent for outdoors

Lesser known facts about choosing the best mosquito repellent for outdoors

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