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February 24, 2018 2 min read

Can bedbugs spread from one person to another?

The beauty of a good night rest could become a past story. The freshness gotten from a sound sleep could gradually be disappearing as darkness during the sunrise at dawn. This might be as a result of the presence of Bedbugs within the “territory”. Bedbugs as the its name also suggest can bring about a lot of bugs during bedtime. Bedbugs, as tiny as they are, could be a great source of discomfort to those who have been bitten by them. However, the discomfort cause by their pain are not felt at the point of the bite. Anesthetics and anticoagulants are injected into the victim’s body to prevent immediate pain of the bite and the blood from clotting. Apart from this discomfort, the bites received from Bedbugs can cause psychological and physical harm to the individual like skin rashes, itchy skin etc.

How Bedbugs spread

Even though they are crawling insects, Bedbugs have transited between different distant locations. Bedbugs are carried to different places through a number of means. But, person to person contact is not among the means by which Bedbugs could be transferred. Inter personal contact is not a transfer medium for Bedbugs because the only business and contact which they have with the human body is only their meal time. Close study on Bedbugs show that they proceed out of their hideout just to attack humans when they are asleep and go back immediately after their operation.

The movement of the hitchhiker is facilitated when they are picked and transport unknowingly by people. Examples of these include: Picking Bedbugs

  • Attached to ones clothing from seat during visit and use of places like stadia, theatres, restaurants and a host of others.
  • From airplanes, trains, cars and taxis either attached to one’s luggage or even clothing.

Where Bedbugs usually hide

Bedbugs can actually survive almost anywhere. Though they cherish warmth and love to habitat in hidden places. These also helps to both conceal their presence and protect themselves from their arch enemy, humans. The “hit and run” nature of Bedbugs also suggests likely places where they could be found. At the beginning of the infestation, they are usually found within five feet of where the host spends a long period of time. Typical examples of places like these include:

  • Bed and its parts like Bed frames, mattress, head board for sleeping.
  • Sofas and other piece furniture for relaxation.

Other places where Bedbugs could be hiding include night stand, closet, clothing and so on.

Can bedbugs spread from one person to another

Preventing Bedbug infestation

Curbing the menace caused by Bedbugs is of great importance. Its relevance cannot be overemphasized because of the great discomfort and other physical and psychological troubles they put man through. For this to be achieved it requires putting the round peg in a round hole. This is what “Nature Mace” Bedbug killer is out for. It ensures that activities of Bedbugs are brought to a halt. Thus, ensuring that every sleeping discomfort caused by these urchins are eliminated completely.