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February 23, 2018 2 min read

Can bedbugs live on cats?

The health and well being of animals are no small matter of concern and interest to lovers of animals and many as keep pets. Cats are animals that have a very wide acceptance as pets. Many people are attracted to keep them because of different qualities which they possess and this makes them fun to be with. Among these qualities includes: they are playful, loyal, friendly, appreciate cuddling and they are meticulous about their grooming. It is because of the later that it is paramount to pay utmost attention to fluffy pet. Also, inspection of the location of these creatures are important because the possibility abounds to pick up Bedbugs. Since Cats rest on the sofa, mattress etc., which Bedbugs could breed on, it presents a situation where they can pick up the parasitic enemy which habitats in these places especially during Bedbug infestation.

Cats and Bedbug infestation

It is a matter of great concern to those who loves cats as pet, if these lovely companions can harbor bedbugs. The reason for this consideration may defer. The concern may be accounted to the discomfort which the Bedbug bites can inflict on the cat. Bedbugs are insects that are parasitic in nature and feed exclusively on blood. There are a number of different species of Bedbugs. However, the common Bedbugs specie has preference for human blood. In the absence of human blood, the Bedbugs seek for other sources for blood supply. Thus, the pet in the house at this point becomes vulnerable to attacks from the “blood sucker”.

Can Bedbugs habitat be Cats?

Like what happens on the human host, the Bedbug visit the cats only for its feeding then goes back to its home or breeding place. Its home is usually hidden places like on the seam of beds, closet, mattress, bed frames and upholstery. From these locations they proceed back when they are done. Bedbugs’ feeding is usually at night, that is, when the host is calm and probably sleeping. This does not mean that they can’t feed at any other time but that they rather prefer their feeding at those times when their hosts are calm. So, it important to note that Bedbugs don’t live or harbor on Cats just like humans but they can be found on them during their feeding time.

Are Bedbugs vectors for Cats?

Bedbugs are not recognized as vector of any disease. The fact that they are not carriers of any pathogen those not make their bites harmless. This is because the bite gotten from Bedbugs are itching and response to that stimulus can cause the skin to be broken. The broken skin provides an avenue for other germs which can make the lovely pet sick. This can turn out to be a serious problem for both the pet and its owner. “Nature Mace” Bedbug killer comes into the picture to prevent this problem. With “Nature Mace”, you can be rest assured that your environment would be Bedbug free. Freedom from bites of Bedbugs can be translated to mean no injury and pain for the pet.

Can bedbugs live on cats