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February 22, 2018 3 min read

Can Bed Bugs travel on Pets?

Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers, and can cleave fast to a host without anyone noticing a thing. This hitchhiking skill of theirs has enabled them travel far and wide, across the globe despite being wingless. And, they can hitchhike on just anything: the clothe we wear, the luggage we carry, and on pets. So, bed bugs can travel on pets.

If you have been thinking your pets are completely safe from bed bug bites, now you know better. This is to know you have completely lost the battle, though. It just means you need to understand how the two tangle.

Reasons why bed bugs travel on pets

By nature, bed bugs would rather stay away from dogs and cat for one good reason: furs. Furs are just their worst nightmare. Their claws aren’t just adapted to climb up furs due to their slippery nature. But if these pesky critters are left with little or no choice, fur, no matter how thick, becomes irrelevant.

Essentially, the human blood is their first choice due to the ease of scaling the skin. The blood of pets is second, and will only become an option when their first choice isn’t available.

So, what will make a bug want to hitchhike on a pet? Well there is a lot of reasons, and we shall explore them shortly.

First off, bed bugs will stop at nothing till they get what they are out for. Say you were traveling in a bug infested cab in the company of your pet. If you wore something they can’t cleave to, your pet would become their next target. The furs will only intimidate them a little, but won’t be intimidating enough to fend them off.

Second, pets that are just too lazy to move around – probably due to old age – are very vulnerable to bed bug bites. Also, if the bugs are desperately hungry and can’t seem to locate food, whatever that has blood in it becomes a potential food source.

Third, if your pet always sleeps next to you, and the bed happens to be infested, hitchhiking becomes inevitable. For this reason, avoid taking your pet along when looking to lodge in a hotel or somewhere you aren’t sure of.

Other reasons that will want to make a bug hitchhike on your pet include failure to treat their crate of infestation and allowing them roam the neighborhood.

How to prevent bed bugs from hitchhiking on your pet

  • Frequent and thorough vacuuming:Vacuuming is one cost effective, and efficient way of dealing with bugs. However, the mistake some homeowners with pets make is leaving out the bedding of their pet when vacuuming. Don’t be one of them.
  • Sun dry their bedding regularly: This technique will work best during summer when the heat of the sun gets to the peak. The idea is to heat up the bedding materials to 120 degrees, a temperature bed bugs can’t stand.
  • Treat your home regularly using bug killers: There is no one-size-fit-all approach for keeping bed bugs at arms-length. Using a combination of many technique puts you ahead in the game. Nature Mace Bed Bug killer is one lethal weapon you should have in your arsenal. It’s kills bed bugs instantly, and poses no risk, whatsoever, to humans and pets.

Can Bed Bugs travel on Pets

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