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November 15, 2019 2 min read

If for some time, in your living space, you’ve been thinking that you have bed bugs, there’s a reason why. You can’t find bed bugs but have bites, and this has gone on for quite some time without you knowing for sure what’s going on. However, you should know that thinking you have an infestation doesn’t mean you do. If you can’t find bed bugs but have bites, a lot of other things may be responsible for that.

Check out the possible explanations for any bites you may have.

Are There Small Bugs in the Cracks and Crevices Around Your Home?

You had those bites the previous night. Then you’ve seen several cylindrical-shaped insects all over your living space. Before you freak out, relax a bit. Some other bugs look like bedbugs and are often mistaken. German cockroach nymphs, for instance, look a lot like bedbugs, but in reality, they’re not. Bedbugs have an oval shape and shorter length. In contrast, German cockroach nymphs have a cylindrical shape. Of course, the two insects are active at night. Both are also primarily found in harborages. Except, cockroaches are usually around moisture and food. If you don’t see these insects around your bed or couch, then they’re likely not bedbugs.

Do You Have Bites Around Your Ankles?

Bedbugs hardly bite anyone around their ankles. However, if you can’t find bedbugs but have bites near your feet around your ankles, it may be another insect. If you have pets, it can possibly be a flea infestation giving you problems.

Do the Bugs Around You Have Wings?

If the insects you see have wings, you can relax because they’re not bedbugs. You may be confusing carpet beetles for bedbugs because they’re in your bedroom. However, carpet beetles have noticeable wings.

Is Your Bed Clean?

Bedbugs cause visible damage to mattresses that you’ll easily notice. You probably don’t have bedbugs if you don’t see anything out of place on your sleeping spot. Signs of an infestation include black dots or small blood stains on your bedding. Look for markings behind and around your sheets to see if you have bedbugs. If there aren’t any stains, you have another type of insect biting you.

Are You Itchy?

If your skin’s itchy, you may think you have bedbugs around, but that may not be the case. If you can’t find bedbugs but have bites, it may be other things. Skin irritations can be from medications, detergents, body soap, or an allergic reaction. Specific foods and pollutants can make you itchy.

Do You Have Bites Inside Your Elbows or Lower Body Parts?

If you can’t find bedbugs but have bites all over the lower half of your body, it could be flea bites. A pet may have brought in the fleas, and they’re the ones giving you those bites.

Can’t Find Bed Bugs but Have Bites

Often, if you can’t find bedbugs but have bites, they’re not your problem. Bedbugs are easily noticed, and if you have them, you’ll definitely see them.