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February 21, 2018 2 min read

Can bed bugs live on Dogs?

Bedbugs can live on just about anything. This “anything” could be an animate object such as a dog, or on an inanimate object like the couch in your living room. So, yes, bed bugs can live on your cute pet; your dog. Though possible, the chances of a bug taking up residence on your pet is very unlikely. And, for a good reason: bedbugs simply don’t like furry surfaces.

Bed bugs find it extremely hard burrowing through thick fur – their claws isn’t just adapted for that. But in times of severe food shortage, no fur too thick can stand in their way. At such time, your dog becomes vulnerable.

So, in essence, bedbugs will by innate instinct want to avoid your dog. However, when left should they run out of option, your dog’s lush body would become a snacking bar.

The key to keeping your dog safe from the reach of bedbugs is learning how to spot the blood sucking critters. Also, learning how to prevent an infestation is imperative.

How to identify bed bugs

Bedbugs can be easily identified by their small, flat body covered in brownish-red color. A fully grown bug is about the size of an apple seed. These physical attributes varies according to specie.

Bed bugs can also the identified by the smell they give off. It’s often a musty, unwelcoming scent which gets stronger the instance the bug is killed. Bedbugs are predominantly blood feeders, preferring the human blood over that of other warm blooded animals.

Do note that there are other insects that look pretty much like bed bugs. One good example is the bat bug – a breed of bug that feeds on the blood of bats. Don’t confuse both. If you suspect bugs have taken over your home, first call in the professionals. They are experienced enough to know the breed of bug in your home.

Keeping your dog safe from bed bugs

Keeping your dog safe from bed bugs

True, bedbugs won’t want to live on your dog. But nothing, really, would stop them from coming to bite and suck blood. To safeguard your precious pet:

  • Quickly call in a pest extermination expert: Bedbugs are quite tricky in their conduct. It might take you months to discover that there is actually a bedbug infestation in your home. So, the instance you sight one single bug, call in the exterminators.
  • Avoid taking your dog on trips: Hotels, taxi, bus and aircraft seats are easy places to pick up bugs. A bug can cleave fast to pants and travel half the globe with you unnoticed. Keeping your dog safe would mean you leaving them out of your travel plans.
  • Heat treat their bedding: Extremely heat has been found to be effective against bedbugs. Every once in a while (at least twice a month), have your pet’s bedding soaked in extremely hot water. Then leave for a couple of hours – say 4 hours. If the water is hot enough – 170 degrees and above – every single bug, including their egg, would be killed off after 4 hours.
  • Treat your home with Nature Mace Bed Bug Killer: Nature Mace Bedbug killer is safe around pets, merciless on bedbugs, friendly to the pocket.