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May 13, 2018 2 min read

Nothing irritates as badly as the buzzing sound of a mosquito. This of course wouldn’t be much of a problem if they (mosquitoes) buzzed and went away. They are always on the hunt for blood, and would leave an irritating and itchy bite on the skin of the victim. But itchy bites and irritating buzz isn’t the major concern with mosquitoes – they vectors of deadly diseases like yellow fever and dengue fever, making them the world deadliest insect.

Since it won’t be possible for you to wear protective clothes at all time, you will have to seek intuitive techniques of making your home mosquito proof. One of such techniques is keeping mosquitoes away via natural repellents. Below are some of the common mosquito repellent plants that have been proven to be effective in driving away mosquitoes.

  • Basil

Basil is basically a herb known for the pungent smell it emits. There are several species of Basil – cinnamon, Peruvian and lemon basil are very effective in repelling mosquito. To use, plant basil in flower pots and then place the pots in places where mosquitoes are most likely to come in from into your home.

  • Pennyroyal

The leaves and stems of this plant emit scents mosquitoes hate, making it an excellent natural repellent for mosquitoes. Added to this, other insect pests like ticks and fleas are scared away at the smell of pennyroyal. Care should be taken when using pennyroyal because the oil it produces is poisonous, and so should be kept beyond the reach of children and pets.

  • Lemongrass

As its name implies, lemongrass emits an aroma somewhat similar to that of lemon fruit. This plant is heavily used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its therapeutic capability. To use, plant the grass in flower pots and then place in your patio. For better protection from mosquitoes, crush and then apply on your exposed skin.

  • Thyme

Thought thyme can only be used as food seasoning? Well, turns out it is an excellent mosquito repellent. One good thing about this plant is that its repelling power lasts longer than most other plants. It is inexpensive can be purchased from any local garden.

  • Peppermint

What would you expect from a plant that gives off a pepper mixed with mint scent? Fire! Little wonder why mosquitoes stay away completely away from them. This plant doubles as an ornamental flower, and can add elegance to your garden or landscape.

  • Eucalyptus

Unknown to most people, Eucalyptus works pretty well as a mosquito repellent. However, the plant is tender and cannot survive in a cold environmental condition.

  • Garlic

How did you feel the last time you smelled garlic? Well, for mosquitoes, that smell is intolerable. Garlic is only used for driving away mosquitoes, it is actively used in medicine thanks to its anti-bacterial and therapeutic properties.

  • Pineapple weed

Commonly grown in North America, pineapple weed has been proven effective to keep away mosquitoes. You can either have them planted around your home or crushed and applied on your skin.