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May 11, 2018 2 min read

Having bugs in the home can be a very devastating experience because they are not only eyesores but also threats to good health. A good number of them transmit diseases such as West Nile and encephalitis. Chemical repellents are quite effective against bugs but on the other hand, they are really harmful to human wellbeing. A lot of these chemical repellents are known to contain DEET, which has been linked to serious health conditions such as seizures, asthma attacks and nervous system disorder.

It is obvious that bugs are never going to be completely eliminated; but to curb the health issues associated with these chemical repellents, it is best to employ natural repellents while getting rid of bugs.

Basic Bug Needs

First of all, bugs, just as humans, need three basic things for survival – food, water and shelter. By destroying their habitats and cutting their food sources, their chances of remaining in the home are drastically reduced.

Another way to stop bugs from invading the home is to ensure there are no openings in the wall, windows and doors. Open spaces should be properly shielded to prevent them from gaining access into the house.

Thirdly, it is very helpful to groom plants that repel bugs around the house. Marigold, when planted around the house or in the garden, can be really beautifying and at the same time very active in repelling bugs from your surroundings. Garlic and onions are also good bug repellents and can equally be planted around the house and garden to keep off certain bugs.

Some homemade repellents (made from natural ingredients) which are easy and inexpensive to make are also highly effective in repelling bugs. By mixing a thirty-two ounce bottle of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of dried rosemary, mint, thyme, sage and lavender leaves in an airtight container; allowing the mixture to stand for about three days; and then straining the mixture. This mixture can be stored properly and applied on the body or sprayed in the house to repel bugs.

Another homemade recipe is the essential oil bug spray mixture. This mixture comprises of highly effective essential oils but might cause health issues when applied directly on the skin or on children. They are better applied on clothing and sprayed around the house. The essential oils for this mixture are obtained from cedar, lavender, tea tree, cajuput, lemongrass, rosemary, catnip, mint, clove and citronella. About forty drops of each of these oils are mixed with water and witch hazel (of equal volumes). Half a teaspoon of vegetable glycerin is also added to the mixture.

The resulting mixture is very much effective in repelling bugs because each essential oil alone is effective up to an acceptable degree and for this reason, it should not be used directly on the skin.

Avoid That Home Invasion With Natural Bug Repellents

Finally, as much as we all love the scents given off by citrus fruits, insects do not appreciate them. We can repel bugs by spraying a mixture of citrus oil and water on our skin or placing citrus peels in places prone to infested by bugs. When all else fails, Skeeter MACE is an effective all-natural insect repellent prover to out perform most other products.