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April 10, 2019 2 min read

Mosquitoes are an annoying set of pest present in every corner of the world except Antarctica. It is important you safeguard yourself against mosquito bites, else you are at risk of contracting some of the deadly diseases they transmit. Oftentimes, people seek protection from mosquitoes by either covering their entire body with repelling spray or spraying their home with insecticides. The problem with this strategy is that some of this repellent spray contain harmful chemicals, and frequent use of sprays puts one at the risk of contracting cancer.

So, to keep yourself safe and mosquitoes out, you would have to try other safe mosquito-proofing techniques. One of such techniques is the use of thermacell.

About thermacell

Thermacell is a mosquito repelling device that works by giving off near odorless and colorless scent that repulses mosquitoes. Specifically designed for outdoor use, thermacell is ideal for outdoor activities like backpacking, fishing and camping. It can also be used when gardening or in areas within your home prone to mosquito infestation.

This device keeps away mosquitoes by burning up repelling mats which would in turn give off pyrethrum vapors which not only drives away mosquitoes, but also other insect pests like gnats and flies. The heating power of thermacell comes from a set of butane cartridge it comes with. The pyrethrum vapor thermacell gives off creates a mosquito free zone of up to 15 x 15 feet, though this would depend on wind conditions. Furthermore, the repelling effect of thermacell is long lasting, averaging 4 to 5 hours.

Since it gives off colorless and odorless vapor, neither does it use open flames, thermacell is perfectly safe around kids. Additionally, unlike some other mosquito repelling devices that produces an annoying buzz or make a zapping sound when they trap insects, thermacell works in a completely quiet mode. As it that isn’t enough, this device can serve as lantern – the LED light it comes with emits strong illuminating light.

No electricity? Don’t worry; thermacell runs on AA batteries, and so doesn’t have to be connected to any source of electricity. Furthermore, thermacell is lightweight and portable. In fact, some designs are so portable that they can be carried in the pocket. While some designs are round in shape, others are squared shape, and some have the resemblance of a mobile phone. As earlier said, thermacell runs on butane cartridges and repellent mats, and will need to be refilled after the repellent mat and butane cartridge is burnt up.

Though having several benefits, thermacell has its own set of limitations. First, you may have to spend a lot of money repelling mat refills as they burn up pretty quickly. Second, the lantern isn’t ideal for use at altitudes north of eight thousand feet.