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August 15, 2019 3 min read

Flea bites are a constant headache for pet owners. Even word flea is enough to give any pet owners a chill. Plus there exist almost 2000 species of fleas all arround the world. These are tiny parasitic insects that grow up to 3mm in length and can hop 50 times their length. The spend 90 percent of their life away from host body but rest of the time they are known to give a lot of discomforts to pets and their owners, jumping from one host to another in search of meal. The most usual targets of fleas are birds and mammals and they love dogs, cats and rabbits as their host. A healthy flea on average lays one egg in an hour and hence 24 eggs a day in host fur. Their multiplying rate is very fast and if left ignored, their population can become a heavy infestation in your carpets, bedding and furniture.

Flea bites are red swollen bumps usually in form of clusters since they don’t hop frequently within coat of animal and usually bites arround their first bite. These bites can cause severe itching and a lot of infections. Most of the people are usually confused about ‘how long a do flea bites last?’ Well, on usual if taken proper care then flea bites don’t last more than 2-3 days. It also depends upon allergic tendency of host. If a host is sensitive to allergies than flea bites can last upto 1 to 2 weeks. However for a person immune to allergies, flea bites don’t last for more than 2 days. However in any case it is advised to consult with your general physician as soon as possible.

In case you have been a victim to flea bite first wash the influenced region with warm water and cleanser. Utilization of germicide, liquor, cured soul and witch hazel is additionally suggested. This would clean the influenced zone, lessening any opportunity of contamination. Use ice pack so as to diminish aggravation. Make a point to utilize ice pack with hole of 10mins so the influenced territory does not numb up to a difficult breaking point. Use ice pack for 10 minutes at that point offer a reprieve of 10 minutes, continue doing it until your influenced part is very much desensitized.

When the influenced territory is cleaned, have a go at finding a moisturizer which comprises of steroids or calamine. Steroid based creams are generally excellent for hypersensitive and irritation, anyway steroids may not be reasonable for everybody. For such people groups moisturizers made out of calamine are reasonable. These are characteristic synthetic substances and are calming against insect bites.

In the event that you feel serious tingling, attempt to control as tingling can make an open injury which would make disease spread, besides irresistible microbes can be helped out through nails. Attempt to counsel your primary care physician about utilization of hostile to histamine. These are hostile to tingling mixes. These are accessible as oral medication and act very quick. A portion of the prescribed enemies of histamines are diphenhydramine, tripelennamin, hydroxyzine and topical antihistamines. Diphenhydramine are great at giving quick reliefs yet it can cause sluggishness. Hydroxyzine works by bringing down characteristic histamines of the body and henceforth are similarly great. Tropical antihistamines incorporate hydrocortisone and calamine which are connected in type of salve over the influenced region.

Characteristic cures incorporate utilization of Aloe Vera gel, tea leaves, wet tea sacks, basil, oat meal shower, drops of Echinacea and mash of coconuts. You can forestall flea bites by utilization of garlic in your meals on customary premise, citrus splash will likewise help as fleas don’t like smell of citrus shower, other than these normal oils of eucalyptus, lavender oil and cedar wood oil can also be used. For all natural flea and tick sprays including all natural insect sprays visit:

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