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August 21, 2019 2 min read

Does your pet constantly scratch and itch? Trust me – this can be a lot horrible experience for your pet. Of course, your pet is clueless and looks up to you for help. You don’t have to be as clueless as your pet here – You need a flea comb to help your furry friend get out of this trauma.

Although flea combs may not help an infestation – as other effect anti-flea control measures – your pet will feel a lot better instantly.

Help Your Pet with a flea comb

Firstly, you need to get a flea comb to comb out fleas on your dog. Based on your preference, there is a long list of flea combs out there. For example, Safari Double Row Flea comb has double sets of mental bristles, which helps pick fleas from your pets’ furs. Flea combs come in different innovative designs to ensure your pet is comfortable while combing.

Before combing, fill a bowl with hot water and add your soap. You’d drop all fleas you find on your pet’s body in this solution. Make sure you use a deep bowl to prevent insects from jumping out.

Don’t do your combining just anywhere – get a suitable location. It is highly recommended that you do your combing open-air to prevent knocked off eggs from beginning their cycle right inside your home.

Now, Start to Comb

Work the comb on the fur of your pet. Begin from ears and head, gradually down to the tail. Concentrate around your pet’s rump, and neck – mainly the underside. These spots are a haven for fleas.

During combing, stop, intermittently, and check the bristles of the comb if they have fleas on them. If any, dunk the comb in the bowl or – more effectively – pull the fleas off into the bowl of soapy water.

Some pests, during combing, may move to less accessible parts like ears and legs. So, wait a while for the fleas to come out from their hiding – and repeat combing.

Wrap Up

That said, it is, however, noteworthy that oral or spot-on treatments offer more comprehensive and useful results. But in the meantime, your dog is in a great dilemma – get a good flea comb and help them out fast.