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March 03, 2018 2 min read

The feeling gotten from a Bedbug bite can vary based on the individual involved in the incident, while some may feel it with accompanying physical signs, a few others don’t. However, at the point of the bite, the host (victim of the bite) usually don’t feel the pain. The painless bite is as a result of the Bedbug’s saliva which possesses anesthetics. The saliva also prevents the host’s blood from clotting during the period of the bite. They introduce their saliva into the host’s body by piercing their skin with their Rostrum. The parts of the body which the Bedbug pierce are usually the exposed parts of the body like the arms, neck etc. usually accessed when the host is asleep.

The physical signs that characterize a Bedbug bite includes reddish-colored bumps with the looks of wound on the affected area, itching, swelling and linear cluster of the lesions on the affected part. Nevertheless, the detection of these signs could actually be confusing and mistaken for the bite of other insects. The certainty of the presence of the Bedbug and their associated bite in addition to the above mentioned can be discovered more with signs like uncomfortable nights due to the large activity of Bedbugs at night, blood stains similar to rust stains on the bed, presence of the shredded exoskeleton which is brown in color and a strong, unpleasant odor from production of pheromones that smells like a damp towel. This parasite are not vectors and hence do not transmit any disease but they are a source of great discomfort to the host. Some experts opine that they could account for a lot of psychological effects and allergic symptoms are also associated with Bedbug bites. Regardless of the fact that Bedbugs are not vectors, the wounds resulting from the itching bites could lead to infection due to exposures.

Furthermore, Bedbugs are not attracted by dirty environments, they are accidentally introduced many times into their host environment by the picking them from different public places like taxi cabs, trains, airplanes, restaurants, movie theaters and so on. The medium of transportation could be luggage, clothing, furniture etc. Carbon dioxide and warmth are some conditions which are conducive for the habitation of these pests. For this reason, they hide in places like bed frames, upholstery, wardrobes, mattress and other pieces of furniture. In fact, many people are not aware of Bedbug infestation until they begin to see signs of bite on their bodies or on rare occasions accidentally seeing one of the “uninvited guest”.

Can you feel bedbugs

Finally, since Bedbugs can be the most beautiful and cleanest of places, personal hygiene though very important cannot salvage an individual from these “terrorists’” invasion. This raises concern in the quest of curbing the activity of these insects with initially painless but discomforting bites. Eradicating the activities of bedbugs could be laborious, expensive and time consuming. However, the solution to these problems is “Nature Mace” Bedbug Killer. “Nature Mace” Bedbug Killer is the best anti-Bedbug spray, being both affordable and safe. Its effectiveness in the termination of Bedbug activity is unquestionable. In addition to these aforementioned, “Nature Mace” also possess a pleasant and non-toxic fragrance which is a part of the indicators of the safety consciousness.