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March 10, 2018 3 min read

Non-toxic and harmless methods of deterring rabbits

Rabbits when they come visiting often do so in large numbers. This cute looking creatures are gardeners’ personal nightmares – they can nibble away an entire garden or landscape. The earlier you make efforts to keep them out, the better for you because its takes more work to dispel them than to keep them off.

That said, there are several methods of deterring bunnies. Though using lethal methods may seem like a viable option, but it has a lot of limitations. In some areas, using lethal methods against rabbits is prohibited, and even in places where it is allowed, disposing the dead rabbits could become a serious problem. Additionally, you could end up hurting your pets or kids by using lethal methods. You are better off using natural rabbit deterrent outdoors. Here are some you can consider

  • Mechanical deterrents

Rabbits just like other animals are easily scared by anything that moves. Since you won’t be always there to scare them away, you will need something that simulates a human movement. Sprinklers is a typical example. For better results, use detecting sprinklers which automatically sprays water once it detect motion. Alternatively, you can use pets like dogs and cats to police your outdoor flower bed.

  • Commercial deterrents

Commercial deterrents work pretty well, but you have to check to see if it contains harmful chemicals before buying. Go for deterrents made of natural elements like bone meal which rabbits hate. The problem with commercial deterrents is that do get washed off after it rains, and so would need to be frequently reapplied. Make sure you choose a repellent with a sticking agent. Rabbit MACE is an excellent repellent with a duel sticking agent. This product has proven to be one of the best repellents on the market.

  • Homemade deterrents

Sometimes, it is best you prepare deterrent yourself because homemade remedies tend to have longer effect than commercial deterrents and are also way cheaper. Your options are near limitless when it comes to preparing home remedies. Mixing ground garlic with chili pepper happens to be one of the most effective homemade deterrent for rabbits. Rabbits scuttle away at the smell of garlic and chili pepper. To use, simply sprinkle the mixture around the base of your flowers. Ensure your veggies aren’t touched by the mixture else you would render them useless. Though this method is non-lethal, it does hurt the bunnies when they come visiting. So, you might as well consider other methods if you seriously care about your visitors.

  • Liquid Spray

Compared with chili pepper, the liquid spray is more tolerable. The good thing about liquid spray is that it can be prepared at home, and quite easy to prepare. Mix an egg with cayenne pepper and then add black pepper. For better result, add shredding of ivory soap, stir the mixture until all ingredients have dissolved. The spray should be applied to the perimeter around your garden for better results. You may need to frequently reapply the spray because they can easily be washed up by the rain.

Non-toxic and harmless methods of deterring rabbits

If you have tried your hands on all these natural deterrents but got only unsatisfactory results, you may have to fence of your garden or go with Rabbit MACE by Nature’s MACE. This product has proven to be an effective repellent.