Why is Rabbit MACE Superior to all other products?

Rabbit MACE is a powerful Time Released” product with 400% more of the active ingredient of leading brands" University Studies Prove our Technology works best at repelling unwanted deer and rabbits from landscapes, gardens and crops. Our advanced 3-prong approach incorporates fear, scent and taste based technology into one powerful product, specifically engineered for repelling unwanted animal browsing.

We concluded that no other product comes close to the power of Rabbit MACE. Protect your investment with a product proven to contain the best technology on the market! When Rabbit MACE is properly applied, foraging deer and rabbits move on to less stressful grounds. ACT NOW!

Rabbit MACE with a Fresh Minty Scent”, works quickly to repel animals. This “Fresh Minty Scent” is a vital part of our 3-prong technology, providing the first wave of "Time Released Action". The odor is pleasant to humans but offensive to deer and rabbits. Does NOTleave a film, stain, or discolor plants or siding.

You’ve invested time and money in building the perfect landscape. Go the extra mile and protect your investment with a product proven to contain the best technology on the market. Thousands of landscape professionals, backyard gardeners, and commercial farmers choose Rabbit MACE to effectively protect their investment from rabbit browsing. Used Heavily in Commercial Farming

Immediately repel rabbits on contact with the first application. Rabbit MACE is available in Liquid or Granular formulas. We are positive that you will be pleasantly surprised by the minty fresh scent and astonished by the results that we proudly back this product with a 100% percent money back guarantee.


Nature’s MACE uses more powerful active ingredients than any other product line. Backed by years of continuous research and testing from various customers, friends, and family, we established what ingredients really worked. We uncovered groundbreaking ingredients unlikely to be seen in any other rabbit repellent on the market. This unique formula is stronger and more effective than competing brands, and will surely protect your yard, garden, or landscape. Look at our ingredients list and see for yourself why Nature’s MACE is the number one preferred repellent manufacturer among gardeners and professional landscapers.

100% Natural

Rabbit MACE is safe for use in protecting flowers beds, seedlings, shrubs, trees, and property against rabbit damage. If you’re not already, now is the time to start using Rabbit MACE, a proven effective repellent for your all season protection. All products are plant, animal, and child friendly. We guarantee safe products, that are both Eco-Friendly and superior effectiveness when compared to the competition. We include organic fertilizers into our formulas to help restore your damaged yard! Rabbit MACE is biodegradable, non-toxic and incredibly easy to use. We truly believe our rabbit repellent is the best in the industry, protecting longer and stronger. Trust the leaders in animal repellent technology with securing your yard or garden from hungry rabbits. View Here!

Time Released Formulas

Manufactured with "time released ingredients"maximizing the powerful effect of every product. Years of research and development has made it possible to formulate organic time released products using all natural ingredients.

Deer & Rabbit MACE Ingredient List.

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Liquid vs. Granular Click here to see the difference.


  • New Powerful Industrial Strength Formulas!
  • More Active Ingredients than Competing Brands!
  • Backed By Proven University Studies & Various Testing
  • Unique Time Released Formula
  • Also Works For Repelling Unwanted Deer
  • Offered in both granular and liquid applications
  • Targets a rabbits sense of taste, fear, and smell
  • Effectively Repels & Trains Rabbits Not to Return!
  • Long Lasting Protection- Up To 3 Months Or More!
  • Can Be Used On Edible Crops & Vegetation
  • Works As An Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Fresh Minty Scent that Rabbits Hate!
  • Highly Effective In All Seasons
  • Easy To Apply = No Hassle or Mess
  • 100% Bio-Degradable, Natural, and Eco-Friendly
  • Eliminates need for harsh chemicals or poisons
  • Successfully Controls Rabbits for All Season Protection
  • Safe to use Around Children, Pets, & Vegetation
  • Premium Formula Confidently offered with our Nature's MACE 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Proudly Made in the United States of America

Our Highly Safe and Effective formula may be used for:

  • Home
  • Gardens
  • Landscapes
  • Professional Growers

Long-Term Effectiveness

Rabbit MACE™ incorporates a proprietary time released, sticking agent, technology proven to dramatically increase product duration and effectiveness (in any weather condition). Our technology ensures adhesion to plants, protecting longer providing the most effective protection. This technology binds our "Time Released" formula to the area being treated. Will not wash off in normal rain, snow, or during watering. Thousands of homeowners and commercial farmers choose Rabbit MACE™ because it is long lasting and highly effective at repelling pests from treated areas. Shop Here!

Our Philosophy

has always been to ensure the best possible consumer experience by creating superior quality driven products. We strive to offer unparalleled value and consumer service. We outmatch the competition in terms of quality and success rates. Compare us with the competition, we provide a stronger repellent that is proven to work. Or your Money Back!

We believe our advanced blend of significantly stronger ingredients outperforms other repellents, putting Nature's MACE as the leading animal repellent manufacturer. With more of the strongest ingredients found in nature, we truly believe Nature's MACE repellents are the most effective on the market! Why risk unnecessary animal damage, when you can be protected in all seasons. No hassle, No mess, and incredibly easy to use. Our spray nozzles reach an incredible 18 feet, protecting those hard to get to areas. Each repellent works instantly, is pet, child, plant friendly, and rain resistant. We are so confident in our repellent line, that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee! Be ahead of the game and choose a repellent you can trust to protect your pest infested area. We offer both liquid and granular repellents, all specialized to be most effective in repelling unwanted animals. Use them in conjunction for the best possible effect.

From deer to rabbits to mice, we have you covered, No Risk, Only Results!