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July 18, 2014 2 min read

Deer fencing is thought of the best remedy available for damage control. Though there are a number of solutions available in the market for controlling damage caused by the wild deer, they pose a few significant problems. The use of repellents to ward off the deer is effective only as long as the deer is close enough to be sprayed. Then again it is not an effective remedy if a huge area is to be protected.

Deer fencing provides protection against stray wildlife in the best way possible. It is an effective and easily applicable solution. The market is teeming with a plethora of fences however the choice needs to be made carefully after a detailed analysis of the property or area to be fenced and the kind of deer which are meant to be kept out.

A number of fences have been designed specifically of the purpose of deer fencing including woven wire fencing, metal hexagrid deer fence, electric fencing, mesh barriers and mesh fencing, deer netting and tubing etc. and the user needs to carefully evaluate his needs and requirements before making a purchase.

General things that need to be considered when going for deer fencing include the size or height of the fence. It should at least be 8 feet high however the height may be increased to 10 feet if the risk is too high in any particular area. Another point that needs to be pondered is the fact that deer generally are good when it comes to their eye sight. Thus they are able to see a fence from afar. As a remedy there are some fences available that are coated in PVC so as to lessen the chance of their detection. There are other fences’ that are mostly used in the season. These are called seasonal fences as well. Mostly they are used before winters and are taken off or removed thereafter.

Deer fencing is especially effective in the areas where the young plants near the deer trails have been planted. In order to prevent damage to the young saplings, they are usually fenced. This reduces the chances of plant damage by the deer dramatically.

An innovative deer fencing technique is to apply the repellent to the fence. This improvised fence is sure to keep out the deer and to prove effective in controlling damage.