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July 18, 2014 2 min read

Deer in Garden

Deer in Garden

Agriculture is completely dependent upon flowering plants, because they provide almost all plant based foods. They are the economic resource for fiber, textile, and medicine and decoration industry. Apart from rice and wheat industry, flowering plants control a large part of modern agriculture. Controlling deer in the garden is essential in producing healthy plants.

Seeds flowers gardens are the most popular development of recent times. To maintain a good supply of floral seeds, certain things are to be looked after. It is always advisable to collect seeds and store them for yester years. Saving seeds not only diversifies the plantation technique, it also associate to the heirloom verities. Selection of high quality and unique flower seeds is very important. Not all seeds are healthy or resistant to diseases, and many of them cannot be used if saved for long years. Seeds are a lot more viable than we think; most of them should be used within three years. Secondly, the seeds need to be kept in the sun a lot, maybe for weeks before they are put to soil. Once the seeds are dry, now you can separate the good ones (shiny and tough) from the rest. More importantly is to protect the plant while they are growing with a good animal repellent. Controlling deer in the garden area is essential for success.

Seeds flowers usually need an isolated area, because open pollination depends on natural process like insects or the wind. Floral seed companies offer both hybrid and heirloom seeds for home and commercial purposes. Check with you sals representative and discuss other methods of controlling deer in the garden.