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April 05, 2022 4 min read

This guide will share with you every step to take when using mice repellent for campers.

RVing is a gorgeous adventure but that can become an awful nightmare, if you have mice to worry about. Those hard-to-beat whiskered friends are never an attractive sight, especially when it means camping out with them. However, your RV or camper, unlike your car is a magnet for rodents. This is because it often has an onboard kitchen alongside stashed food supplies. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to eliminate mice from your RV. Let’s talk about the different categories of mice repellent you can use to get ahead of these creepy-crawly critters.

Types of mice repellent for campers

There are several ways to repel mice from your camper. Some involve slightly altering the layout of your RV. Others involve improving the structure of your RV while others involve using chemically formulated substances to repel mice. It’s important to realize that one mice repellent is not enough to eliminate them. You need to consider multiple steps of different techniques to get them out for good.

1. Cover all cracks and gaps in your camper

If by chance you discover any cracks or gaps in your camper, ensure you seal them up promptly. Such cracks or gaps can serve as potential entry points for mice. Areas that might need urgent covering include cracks around plumbing and doors, gaps in floors, gaps in the pullout section and others.

2. Carry out regular checks on your camper to determine possible entry points

You shouldn’t just look out for obvious gaps, it’s import to carry out periodic inspections on your own. You will have to regularly crawl under your camper to search for openings through which mice can enter into your camper. Focus more on the areas where wires and pipes connect to the camper. After that, carry out an inspection at the exterior part of your camper. Check if your camper door or windows have gaps. Also check your plumbing and electrical panels for possible entry points.

Also, carry out checks in other areas like the basement to see if there are also any entry points for mice.

2. Store your camper on a hard surface when you are not using it

If your camper is not in use, avoid storing it around areas that mice patrol, such as grassy or woody areas. Always make sure that you store your camper on a hard concrete surface, which has a pavement that separates it from trees and grasses.

3. Keep your camper clean at all times

Having food and eating in your camper is normal. So, the food particles and crumbs that fall on the floor might attract mice to your camper. Therefore you must always clean up your camper after every meal. Your persistent cleanliness might help to repel mice.

If you will not be using your camper for a long period, ensure that no food item is left inside, be it non-perishable or condiments. Also, keeping your food items inside plastic bins will not stop mice from visiting your camper. This is because mice can chew through plastics. Only canned food would be saved from the aggressive attacks of mice.

Always do a deep clean-up of your camper before storing it for long periods. Clean up food spills, sticky spots, and crumbs in your camper. Do not forget to clean the microwave and refrigerator. Before you make use of your camper again, repeat the deep clean-up process.

4. Use an RV cover

Investing in a high-quality RV camper will help you add a useful and dependable layer between your camper and mice that you would love to camp inside.

5. Invest in a mouse repellent

It isn’t possible to completely mouse-proof your camper. But you can combine the measures we have talked about to keep them away. You should also consider investing in a mouse repellent spray that can help you create an odor barrier against the pesky critters. This repellent spray combines scents that mice find offensive (but is pleasant to humans) to stop them from taking over your camper.

However, it’s highly important that you invest in a non-toxic formula that will not harm the rodents. Handling dead mice is an awful inconvenience. The unpleasant smell, risks of diseases and the dangers of accidentally ingesting the substance are not worth it. This is why you should use mouse repellents that are made from all-natural ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals.

Ultimate guide to mice repellent for campers

Nature’s Mace rodent repellent is an excellent choice. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this superb formula will help protect your vacation vehicle from unwanted vacationers. It’s easy to use and offers long-lasting protection. Choose Nature’s Mace rodent repellent today and look forward to mouse-free adventures.

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