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March 18, 2022 3 min read

To keep cats out of specific areas of your home, you might consider a cat fence outdoor device. In this article, we will talk about the different types of cat fencing solutions and the best way to combine cat deterrent strategies for the best results.

Cats love exploring and when left to their devices, they will find their way into our gardens, lawns, and every other part of our home. However, it can be quite challenging allowing these pets to take control of your outdoor spaces. This is because there’s a danger of them damaging the beauty of your outdoor space by digging, marking with urine, and pooping all over the place. Some homeowners solve this problem by building specific enclosures for their cats. But then, it can be challenging getting them to use their own designated spaces. Fortunately, there are several ways you can erect barriers to keep cats contained.

Using a cat fence outdoors

A generic fence cannot keep cats safe and contained because it often lacks structures that would prevent them from jumping out. This is why you should consider a freestanding cat fence. This type of fence is usually made of metal posts and mesh wire and then extended by several feet and bent inwards.

If you don’t want to use a freestanding cat fence, you can also consider using topper extensions to keep cats from jumping into your space. Coyote fence rollers and spiky strips are great examples.

Combining cat repellent and cat fence outdoors for maximum results

No matter how effective cat fencing solutions can be, there are a few limitations. First, these effective fencing solutions are legal as long as they are entirely on your own side of the fence, that is, they don’t intrude over your neighbor’s side and are not directly above the fence. In such cases, you might also want to combine cat deterrent solutions. Again, there are parts of your property where it might be impossible to erect a fence. Or perhaps installing a fence is too expensive due to the size of your property. Fencing solutions are equally ugly and will disrupt the natural esthetics of your landscape. In any of these scenarios illustrated, you can consider using other cat deterrents such as motion-activated sprinklers, cat repellent spray scat mats, cat repellent plants, and lots more.

Cat repellent spray contains ingredients that smell and taste awful to cats. You can find both indoor and outdoor formulas perfect for use all over your property. Liquid outdoor cat repellents usually come in ready-to-use containers and concentrated formulas that require diluting before use. You can apply them on your fence posts, poisonous plants, bushes, and anywhere you don’t want disturbed by cats. Still, you should carefully choose your cat repellent spray to avoid formulas that can cause harm to the cats.

When to use a cat fence outdoor

Nature’s MACE brings you a unique cat repellent spray that can serve as a protective barrier around your property. You can combine your Nature’s MACE repellent spray with other cat deterrent devices, including your cat fence outdoor device, for the best results. Invest in Nature’s MACE cat repellent spray to protect your precious space from your feline friends.

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