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March 25, 2022 3 min read

Here we talk about the benefits and drawbacks you need to know about before you purchase a cat deterrent mat.

Cats can urinate and defecate in the most unwanted places causing damage to your plants or outside furniture. Stray cats may bring fleas as well to your doorstep. If you have pets, there’s a good chance they might decide to fight with them. Often stray and feral cats do not have vaccinations, which can be a cause for concern for your domesticated pets. To correct bad cat behavior and keep them out of your property, there are many solutions you might come across. One of them is the use of a cat deterrent mat.

What are cat deterrent mats?

Cat deterrent mats are plastic mats with spiked ends. These devices can be buried lightly in soil, in gardens, flower beds, and other landscaping. You can cut these plastic mats into smaller pieces to be pressed into the soil in different areas of your garden. The spikes on these mats are flexible and harmless to cats but their texture will discourage digging.

Are cat deterrent mats effective?

It’s a natural instinct to dig in soft or loose sand, mulch, moss, or soil. But this equally means they can kill the plants in your garden or lawn. Cat deterrent mats repel cats by stopping them from digging up your garden, lawn, and even potted plants if used correctly. They also work with other animals like rats, squirrels, and dogs. Again, you will especially love that they are a humane solution to your cat’s problems.

However, cat deterrent mats cannot completely stop all bad cat behavior. For instance, they can’t stop cats from bringing fleas to your garden, fighting with your pets, urinating, or defecating on your property. Cats can still transform portions of your garden into breeding grounds for unwanted kittens.

On the flip side, your cat deterrent mat will not only fail to solve all your cat problems but be challenging to cultivate plants in areas where you place them. This is why you should never use them alone to deter cats, as you might have particular plants where it’s difficult to equally place the mats too. That said, cats are intelligent, which is why you should use a combination of multiple deterrents to keep cats away.

Choose a scent-based cat repellent

One amazing cat repellent strategy that works exceedingly well with cat deterrent mats is a scent-based cat repellent. A scent-based cat repellent usually contains numerous substances that mimic scents that cats dislike. Hence when you apply this repellent to your property, it makes them so uncomfortable that they stay away. However, some brands offer cat repellents that contain harmful chemicals and toxic elements. Others offer cat repellent that requires too-frequent applications. It’s highly important to carefully assess your options so that you can purchase a non-toxic, fast-acting, and long-lasting repellent that delivers the best results.

Should you use a cat deterrent mat to fix bad cat behavior

Nature’s Mace Cat Mace repellent is the perfect humane solution for anyone looking for ways to stop cats from digging, pooping, scratching, and urinating around your outdoor areas and furniture. Made with all-natural non-toxic ingredients, this unique product is easy to apply, with instant protection. You will especially love that it is available in granules and sprays so you can build a solid odor barrier and keep those unwanted pests away for good.

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