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May 16, 2022 3 min read

As a gardener, it’s highly important to implement measures to stop cats from pooping in the garden. Having cats use our gardens as their personal outdoor litter boxes come is devastating. The smell off-course is the most unpleasant thing but then these litters can expose us to dangerous diseases and pathogens. You want to make sure cats don’t find their way into your garden to do their business. Here are some easy solutions to try.

1.Make your garden less inviting

The first step to stop cats from pooping in the garden is to make your garden less attractive to cats. Consider adding mulch to your garden. Cats don’t like the feel of large pieces of mulch and would avoid your garden for that reason.

2.Use chicken wire obstacles

You can also consider laying chicken wire across your garden, especially on the pathway leading to it. Just like mulch, cats don’t like the feel of chicken wire on their paws. You can even lay the wire across your beds and cover them with mulch. For planting, simply use a wire cutter to create holes and you can plant anything. If you don’t want to use chicken wire as it can be expensive you can also use bird netting.


You can also consider laying lattices in your plant beds to deter cats. Plants can grow through the holes in the lattice and cats will avoid them. In place of lattice, you can always use sticks and branches or invest in spike mats.

4.Motion-activated sprinkler

A motion-triggered sprinkler can help you keep cats from pooping in your garden. It can also serve as a way to water your garden at the same time, thereby marking off tasks from your to-do list. The downside is that you shouldn’t forget to deactivate the device when you wish to set up for a backyard picnic or wish to pull weeds. Again, you have to be creative with this method to avoid spilling water on your neighbors or the delivery person.

5.Use pungent scents

Cats dislike the scents of a great number of things ranging from lavender to eucalyptus, pepper, rue, and others. You can consider cultivating those plants in your garden and the cats will keep off. Other plants that may also improve deterrence through their prickly foliage include sea holly, tropical grevillea, and globe thistle. To further increase deterrence, consider using commercially designed scent repellents to discourage plants. But you should always ensure that the repellent you choose is both environmentally safe and safe for the cat and any other birds or animals that might enter your garden. Try commercially designed scented repellents like Nature’s Mace Cat Mace to discourage cats from pooping in your garden. Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is made from humane ingredients that will not harm the cats, you, or other wildlife. Nature’s Mace is also safe for most plants so you don’t have to worry about killing your precious vegetables in the process. You can buy Cat Mace as a concentrate, ready-to-use spray, or granules for easy application around your yard. Choose Cat Mace today and enjoy maximum protection against bad cat behavior.

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