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July 15, 2022 3 min read

Something keeps sneaking around the corners of your yard. Oh, cats! The notorious feline invaders. If they frequently invade and cause mayhem in your yard, then how do you get rid of cats in your yard?

Cats are widely considered pets by many, probably even you, and it could be fun having them around. However, even if you are a lover of cats, and you see the damages stray, feral, or lost cats inflict on your yard, then you will quickly look for ways to get rid of cats in your yard. That is why this article is focused on showing you how to get rid of cats in your yard. So, let’s begin. Product Review…

Dangers of having cats in your yard

There are lots of dangers regarding the frequent invasion of cats in your yard. If you are a birder, it is vital you know that cats are one of the major killers of birds. The natural killer instinct of cats would make them hunt down and kill your birds. As a gardener, you are also not exempted from the terrors of cats, because cats can convert your beautiful cultivated flower beds into their open litter boxes. Besides, the sheds in your garden can become a cool breeding area for litters of kittens you never desired.

Your yard could also start having stinking odors from cat urine that have marked trees, boundaries, and other sensitive areas in your yard. Cats could also spread fleas and other diseases to your pets and people in your household. They can also be aggressive sometimes and leave bites or scratch wounds on your little ones. All these potential dangers of having cats in your yard should be enough to drive you to seek ways to get rid of cats in your yard.

How to get rid of cats in your yard

There are several ways you can get rid of cats in your yard. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1.Take away food sources in your yard

Cats are mostly attracted by food, especially where it is in excess and easy to get. So, always feed your cats or other pets indoors. Barbecue pits and grills should always be kept clean so that the smell doesn’t attract cats. Cover trash cans properly at all times.

2.Make your yard uncomfortable for cats

A cozy environment is what most cats desire. So, ensure that your yard is not comfortable for them, by spreading chicken wire, sharp pebbles, and others in areas cats frequently visit.

3.Keep your cats indoors

Cats are mostly attracted to the opposite sex when they are on heat. So, always keep your cats (pets) indoors to avoid attracting wandering cats and vice versa.

4.Take away shelter in your yard

Every animal, cats inclusive, needs shelter to relax and groom their little ones. Therefore, ensure you remove places in your yard that cats can hide and use as shelter.

5.Use commercial repellents to get rid of cats in your yard

Cats possess a very strong sense of taste and smell, which can also be used to get rid of them in your yard. The good news is that there are commercially formulated repellents, like Nature’s Mace Cat Mace, that can be very effective to get rid of cats in your yard.

How do you get rid of cats in your yard?

Nature’s Mace Cat Mace does not kill cats, but it will only discourage cats from coming to your yard. Spray the repellent in areas that cats visit often, boundaries, and so on. It will deter cats from visiting your yard. Besides, it is non-toxic to humans and pets and environmentally friendly. Whether you wish to stop strays, feral, or your own cats from having their way with your yard, Choose Nature’s Mace Cat Mace today. Product Review…

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