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January 10, 2022 3 min read

Why should you use a dog repellent spray over other deterrents? Chances are you have come across different dog deterrents and would love to make the best selection for your home.

Dog repellent sprays like other dog deterrents help discourage or repel dogs from certain areas or exhibiting unwanted behavior. You can use dog repellent sprays to stop dogs from digging around your garden, scratching your furniture, transforming your lawn into a litter box among others. However, there are more reasons you should use dog repellent sprays over others.

1.Instant and effective

Dog repellent sprays generally use scent and taste to create an uncomfortable environment that overwhelms their senses. Hence, dog repellents work almost immediately and will stop that dog from continuing that particular action.

2.Indoor safe solution

The right dog repellent sprays are dog-friendly and will use special scents and formulas to repel dogs. Hence you can use it as a great way to promote good behavior instead of focusing on the negative such as punishment.

3.Ready to use

Spray repellents are great selections because you don’t have to go through a steep learning curve to start enjoying its protection. Most sprays will come in containers with spray nozzles. Therefore, you will only have to shake before use around your home and property.

4.Greater protection

Dog repellent sprays are also cost-effective. With a good-sized container, you can effectively cover large areas of your home. It’s also easy to regulate your protection by increasing the concentration of sprays around areas that are more vulnerable.

Do dog repellent sprays work?

Absolutely. Dog repellents are highly effective. However, you need to realize that the results may depend on the breed and age of the dog alongside any established behavior. Some dog breeds may be harder to deter and will require a persistent application. Some dog breeds may also require a mixture of different repellent formulas to keep them away. It would be also beneficial to get rid of attractants by keeping your surroundings clean, creating mote-like barriers around your garden with gravel, tightly securing trash, and cultivating plants that dogs dislike. Altogether the uncomfortable environment you create will be more effective than using repellents alone.

If you are trying to deter your own pets, it’s also essential to also create an alternative dog-friendly zone for them, else the deterrent might increase aggression. It’s equally important to invest in training techniques that would also ensure your dogs don’t continue those unwanted behaviors.

Although there are many different benefits of dog repellent sprays, it is highly crucial to find a repellent spray that is long-lasting, and effective without harming the dogs. There’s nothing to be gained from harming the animals. Some sprays contain harmful ingredients like pepper as well as carcinogens.

Fortunately, Nature MACE brings to you a 100% natural, non-toxic and convenient dog repellent designed to guard the user and the dog while keeping them away. Nature’s MACE dog repellents are also affordable and totally legal. You will love that it is perfect for use around pets and children and will not harm your environment.

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