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April 20, 2022 3 min read

If you find signs of mice in your house, you may wonder if it is possible to get rid of field mice quickly with mice repellent spray. The name field mice might sound a bit misleading. Because these types of mice are not stuck out in the field. Your house could be a haven for them.

Having regular visits of field mice can be very disturbing. This might trigger you to look for ways to get rid of them. A mice repellent spray could come to your mind. So, in this article, you get to find out how to get rid of field mice quickly with mice repellent spray.

Dangers of having field mice around

Mice are much appreciated if seen in the wild. But found in your house is a red flag. Field mice can cause severe dangers to your property and your household. They chew anything that they come across, especially insulation and electrical wires, which constitutes a chance of fire an outbreak. Field mice and most mice are carriers of various types of deadly diseases. They spread these diseases through their feces, urine, or contact with humans.

For instance, foods that are exposed can be contaminated with mice feces, which can result in sickness. Field mice are also professional breeders and can multiply quickly around your home if not checkmated on time. Hence, you must take steps to eliminate them.

Tips to use your mice repellent spray to get rid of field mice quickly

It’s important to realize that your mice repellent spray is not a magic formula that would do all the work for you. You need to make sure you are taking careful steps to eliminate mice from your home immediately. Here are the steps to take when using a mouse repellent spray.

1.Get started quickly

At the first sign of a mouse, you must take steps to eliminate the infestation. Waiting a few days might mean giving the field mice more breeding time, which doubles the infestation and will make it difficult to remove.

2.Identify and cover all possible openings

Unfavorable weather can drive field mice to seek shelter inside your premises. You must use caulk or weather-stripping to cover holes in your foundation and doorways. You can also use steel wool to cover vent openings to discourage field mice and stop airflow. However, you need to be methodical about this step to ensure you don’t miss the tiniest space that mice can squeeze through.

3.Remove potential nesting materials

Field mice might come into your home looking for shelter but soon they discover other things they like such as potential nesting materials. To get rid of field mice quickly, you have to remove possible nesting materials such as rugs, fabric, blankets. Make sure they are stored in plastic storage bins. They can chew paper, cardboard, and even lightweight plastic, just to set up their nest, so get rid of any of such. Field mice can use foliage and tree branches to construct their nest. So, also keep your compound and entire surrounding foliage free, clean up garbage, and take away fallen tree branches promptly.

4.Eliminate food sources

Mice only require a small amount of food every day. This is why the tiniest food crumbs can be just the reason they decide to stay in your home.

Therefore, you must remove all traces of food that field mice might like. Ensure that pet food, food grains, and other foods are stored properly in metal or glass containers. They will be safe because field mice cannot chew through glass or metal materials. Besides, clean up any bird food or food particles on the ground.

5.Apply your mice repellent

Now it’s time to apply your mice repellent. Ensure you follow all the instructions on the label of your repellent. You also want to spray your mice repellent at the most vantage points, especially hard-to-reach areas where mice might be hiding. Your home might require a repeat application before you begin seeing results. Don’t forget to wear gloves and goggles when spraying around your home.

How to get rid of field mice quickly with mice repellent spray

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