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February 17, 2016 2 min read

There are many different methods and approaches to use as effective techniques for annoyed homeowners that have the common issue of mice. Rodents are a huge problem, and the problem only grows and the rodents multiply. So any homeowner will have to learn at one point or another how to stop mice problems before they get out of control. Letting mouse problems go unchecked can be hazardous, as they can damage furniture, nest right inside couches and chairs, they can bite through wires which can cause expensive-to-fix electrical problems, or worse yet, create fire hazards, and they can carry a number of dangerous diseases, spread by both the droppings they leave where ever they go, and through the fleas that the carry with them, and which may hop into other hosts living in the house, both human and pets.

In order to stop mice problems, the primary factor is to do away with their food and water sources. This is the most important, both to get rid of the nuisance animals, and to protect the health and well-being of the food consumers, whether it is food for human consumption or pet food. Look for signs of mice like gnawed on boxes, or droppings, and clean thoroughly all around where it has been. It is not a bad idea to wear protective clothing, even a mask, while doing this. Food that shows signs of mouse damage should be thrown away, and any food that has not been touched should be transferred into tightly sealed containers that mice can’t get into. Refrigerators and freezers are good places to store food that doesn’t need refrigerating- if you have room in your fridge or freezer, coffee, sugar, flour, rice, and many other foods can be stored there without damage, and without the need to thaw or warm before use.

Once food sources have been removed, various techniques can be employed to stop mice problems. There are dozens and dozens of types of repellents, deterrents, traps, poisons, and of course, cats and dogs, that can help, either alone or in combination, to get rid of even the most difficult mouse problem. For the consumers who are environmentally conscious, there are a wide variety of organic and biodegradable repellents available to either make or buy. One popular ingredient that repels mice and other rodents is peppermint oil. This oil is available in many grocery stores and health food stores, and can be dabbed around areas that mice are suspected to frequent. The strong odor is too much for mice, and they will rarely cross a line of peppermint oil.

Stop Mice Problems

Straight essential oils can be messy to deal with, and can easily damage some wood finishing. Spray repellent with a weaker solution of peppermint oil is available to buy online through many online retailers. This solutions is often marketed as mouse repellent, and can be bought in a ready to spray bottle for use inside or outside the home. Inside, care should be taken to test it to make sure staining or other damage isn’t possible.

These are just a few of the sensible and easy solutions available to stop mouse problems.