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February 19, 2016 2 min read

Deer Resistant Perennials Is the Best Protection against Deer. Sometimes, people desire to live in a close proximity to the nature wherein it brought some clash of animal and man in which the battlefield is the landscaping and garden of lots of residential properties. Today, the suburb and expansion of homes in rural areas increasingly pitted the homeowners against exploding of deer population that also resides in the area. Because of this, there is continuous number of cases where hungry deer keeps on damaging some landscape.

Most of the homeowners feel defeated after they lost many of their favorite plants. Due to this kind of situation, lots of home landscape has been designed to satisfy their goal to have a lush, colorful and beautiful surrounding while they protect it against the deer. Since most of the deer consume the native plants, there is a better way on how you can control the damage being brought by this animal. It will help you to maintain the natural beauty it have and will help you to limit the construction damage. It will also be easy for you to preserve your area.

To obstruct these deer in damaging your landscape, you can plant some deer resistant perennials. Choosing the right plant will surely deal with the voracious deer to avoid some damage in your garden. It is one of your so called deer proof against deer to stop them from eating your plants. These plants cam also create some lush and make your garden or landscape look more attractive.

Here are the list of deer resistant perennials you can use in your own landscape or garden.
• Flowering deer resistant perennials. These kinds of plants include the yellow bell, bat face cuphea, turk’s cup, copper canyon daisy, 4 nerve daisy, indigo spines rose campion, Rodgers flower and salvia species.
• Other types of perennial plants includes anise hysoop, basket of gold, bigleaf goldenray, bleeding heart, catmint, cactus, common tansy, corydalis, dame’s rocket, European ginger, forget me not, fringed bleeding heart, garden sage, Germander, Greek Jerusalem sage, horehound, horseradish, Iris, Jack-in the Pulpit, Lamb’s ear, lavender, lavender cotton, lungwort, marjoram, meadow rue, may apple, monkshood, mint, oregano, peony, potentilla, purplr-rock-cress, rue, wild ginger, tarragon and tread leaf coreopsis.

These are just a few of the effective deer resistant perennial type of plants you can consider in your landscape. It will help you create a beautiful design since it also offer you some colorful and lush of beauty once you start planting it. You will no longer need to worry since these plants are effective in letting these animals stay away from your garden.

Through this deer resistant perennial, you can now maintain the natural beauty of your garden. Now, enjoy the good sight of landscape you have in your yard and feel more relaxed and stress free. Simply having a good plan ahead will also help you avoid this kind of situation, so start planting deer resistant perennials now. It will surely overwhelm the crowd and space of your garden and at the same time, it will help you save time and cost to the damage that deer can bring into your garden.