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February 21, 2016 2 min read

Mouse and rodent repellents come in many different types, from the motion detecting ultrasonic electronic repellents, to the loud alarms, to the spray on repellent or pellets to sprinkle about in your yard. Besides repellents, there are traps and poisons, so where to buy mouse repellent depends a little bit on your needs, and how bad of a rodent problem you have, and whether you are looking for something humane, or something that will kill off your mouse problem.

Online retailers will usually have an almost endless variety of repellents available to drive away any kind of nuisance animals ranging from raccoons to deer and elk to rodents like mice and rats. Many of these repellents are organic, healthy for the environment, and nontoxic. Available in many online retailers like Amazon and even local online retailers, they can be purchase in small to large sizes for a variety of budgets and coverage needs.

Amazon is where to buy mouse repellent if you want to look at a huge variety of options for a variety of different pests and in a large number of sizes from gallons or more to little thirty-two ounce sizes. Amazon also has customer reviews for almost any product, so it is easy to conduct a little bit of consumer research to find out which products might work the best, have unpleasant odors, make a mess, or any other pros and cons. And although Amazon reviews have been under scrutiny for the number of fake reviews, it is usually easy to spot fake review. A product with a large number of over the top positive reviews should always be viewed with suspicion when it comes to its reviews. Negative reviews are less likely to be faked.

The organic and nontoxic mouse repellents that are available are usually made with an active ingredient that is a strongly scented essential oil, and when sprayed around a perimeter of a house, should keep the mice out. The smell is unpleasant to them, so they will wander off to find somewhere more welcoming. The common effective essential oils to look for in the ingredients lists include cinnamon, clove, and even garlic oils.

Ultrasonic devices can also be bought online, and will emit sounds that will keep mice and other rodents at bay. Some ultrasonic devices come with various adjustments for different sizes of animals, including raccoons, dogs, cats, and more. Ultrasonic sounds are inaudible to the human ear, but animals’ sense of hearing can pick it up, and the will avoid areas when they hear the annoying noises.

Using a combination of scents and taste deterrents, like the repellents made out of essential oils, combined with scare tactics, like the ultrasonic devices, may be the best and most effective way to repel mice in a safe and humane way that will not harm other pets. Either way, where to buy mouse repellent will be a choice between online retailers like Amazon, or larger all purpose retailers or home and garden centers.