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October 21, 2022 2 min read

Will bed bugs make you sick? The mere thought of bed bugs in our home is a recipe for nightmares. No one wants to become food for any bug, especially one that prefers to bite at night when you are sleeping and vulnerable against their onslaught. Bed bugs can bite a single human up to 500 times in a single night if the infestation is severe. This is mainly because bed bugs move in groups and will spend 10 minutes on average “sampling” and feeding from numerous bites. But when they bite, their marks are usually painless. This is because they release a numbing agent while feeding. Nonetheless, you may be concerned about the possibility of health issues from bed bug bites. Click for Product Review…

Will bed bugs make you sick?

At the core, everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites. But bed bugs are not known vectors of diseases except for Chagas disease. That said, such an event has never been documented, but there’s always the risk of it. Hence, you may not expect to pick up any disease via bite marks. Instead, they are primarily an annoyance because of the itching and severe loss of sleep that accompanies being bitten. Bed bug bites also worsen as it progresses before it begins to heal. On their own, the bites may heal and clear within two weeks. However, sometimes the itching leads to excessive scratching, which increases the risks of secondary skin infection. Secondary infections may range from lymphangitis and impetigo, to ecthyma.

What other ways can bed bugs impact our health?

As said earlier, we all react differently to bed bug bites. Some people may have milder responses and may not actually see any physical signs of the bite. On average, people report red spots and bed bug blisters. A small set of people may have allergic reactions requiring medical attention. Allergic reactions usually materialize as symptoms like anaphylactic shock, swollen tongue, enlarged bite marks, painful swellings around the bite site, hives, severe itching, and troubled breathing. Click for ECO Friendly Bed Bug Control…

Final thoughts

Will bed bugs make you sick? Bed bugs may not carry diseases, but they might make you sick through the incessant itching and the risks of secondary infections or allergic reactions. Hence, if you suspect bed bugs in your home, it is always essential to deal with the infestation quickly before it spirals out of control. Bed bug removal is a complicated task best achieved during the early stages of the outbreak. You may have to vacuum your home, launder your clothes at the hottest possible temperature, dry clothes at the hottest possible temperature, declutter, and treat your home with a non-toxic chemical product.

Will bed bugs make you sick

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